A coward AND a love cheat: Concordia captain pictured sharing oysters

Mail Online
Her head tenderly resting on his shoulder this is cruise ship rep Domnica Cemortan with her ‘lover’ captain coward Francesco Schettino just a month before the Costa Concordia disaster. At the time that the picture was taken, Francesco Schettino’s unsuspecting wife was at home looking after their daughter, unaware of his liaisons with Domnica Cemortan Read More

Costa Concordia disaster crashes peak cruising season

Cruise Addicts –
It’s the cruise industry’s peak booking season, but skittish potential passengers can’t forget the photographs of the Costa Concordia lying semi-sumerged off the coast of Italy.Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines, which make up 73 percent of the industry, last week both reported dougle-digit declines in bookings so far this year in light of the Jan. 13 disaster that left at least 17 dead after the ship struck rocks and ran aground.
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