Concordia: crew frantically begs captain for orders on dramatic bridge video
Italy’s TG5 News Service has uncovered video from the deck of the Costa Concordia immediately following the ship’s running aground off the coast of Giglio, Italy. They have released approximately half of the 9 minute video, which shows Captain Francesco Schettino relaxed as the crew struggles to analyze the problem.
Britain’s Telegraph has taken the footage and closed captioned it. On it, you see the bridge illuminated by only the emergency lights after the power on the ship had failed. Read More

Concordia Captain: ‘OK, Whatever’ as Ship Teeters: Video

Discovery News
Dramatic video footage has emerged from the Costa Concordia’s command deck showing the relaxed reaction of the cruise ship’s captain in the crucial hour after it struck rocks off the Tuscan island of Giglio. Broadcast by the Mediaset network TG5 news  Released Saturday, the second part of the video shows crew members failing to understand the gravity of the situation. Laughing, they blow kisses, smoke, joke about the ship’s growing tilt and say “I love you, mamma” and “we’ll make it.”
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Link to nine minute video

Perspectives – Perspectives on the Costa Concordia Incident

By James Hamilton
Last week I wrote up Studying the Costa Concordia Grounding. Many folks sent me mail with interesting perspective. Two sufficiently interesting that they worth repeating here. The first was from someone who was actually on the ship on that final cruise. The latter is from a professional captain with over 35 years’ experience as a certified Ocean Master.
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Video footage shows chaos on Costa Concordia
A newly-discovered video shows the chaos on the Costa Concordia cruise ship as it began to capsize off the coast of Italy. The footage, from the bridge of the ship, shows the captain to be supremely relaxed as the disaster unfolds. The video shot on the ship’s bridge command deck appears to show Captain Francesco Schettino being pressured by other officers to give the go ahead for the evacuation of the ship.
“Commander, passengers are getting on lifeboats spontaneously,” says the unidentified officer, to which Schettino responds: “OK, fine. Let’s let them go to the land.”
When the same officer asks repeatedly if he should give the emergency signal, Schettino tells him to wait, and after another prompting finally calls to “abandon ship”
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Divers return to Costa Concordia to rescue boy’s teddy bear

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I’ve been in touch with representatives for the Costa Concordia who are reaching out to those involved in the rescue and salvage efforts. I’ll continue to update this story as more information comes in. Italian rescue divers returned to the site of the shipwrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia for an unusual rescue mission this week: retrieving a lost teddy bear for a young boy who was on the downed ship and says he hasn’t been able to sleep without his furry companion since the incident. Read More