To cruise, or not to cruise?

Toronto Sun
That’s a question even veteran cruisers are asking themselves with the shipwreck of the Costa Concordiaoff the Italian island of Giglio last month. Even as the cruise line industry tightens its safety procedures – with more rules and regulations for sure to come – it’s a haunting spectacle. The harrowing images of frightened passengers scrambling for their lives and the recovery of 17 bodies with 15 still missing have sent shudders throughout the industry and public.
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Concordia fuel mission is on schedule

Independent Online
The oil tanker Elba (right) and oil recovery sea platform Meloria (centre) are seen near the capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia which ran aground off the west coast of Italy, at Giglio island, on January 13. Salvage crews say the fuel-removal operation is proceeding well so far. Salvage workers have pumped over a third of the fuel out of the shipwrecked Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia. Read More

Lawyers say Costa Concordia had taken dangerous route before

Monsters and
Rome – The Costa Concordia had allegedly sailed dangerously close to the Italian island of Giglio several times before the night of January 13, when it sank, according to documents submitted by lawyers representing several of the shipwreck’s survivors. The documents also appear to suggest that ships owned by the Costa Crociere company had made at least 10 similar ‘close passages’ to land, contradicting previous statements made by the company, the ANSA news agency reported Monday
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Italy: Fuel Removed From Cruise Ship

New York Times
Completing the first step needed to avert an environmental disaster off Italy’s coast, salvage experts have emptied the tanks containing most of the fuel aboard the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which capsized on Jan. 13. About two-thirds of the 500000 gallons of fuel were pumped out of the half-sunken vessel.
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Photos found of White Bear Lake couple lost in cruise disaster

Pictures of the only two Americans still missing after the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized have been discovered, more than one month after the disaster. Pictures taken by a fellow passenger from Spain show a sea of people onboard the ship waiting to get off. In the photos, Jerry Heil is in a tan cap and his wife Barbara Heil is standing next to him with a hoodie and glasses. Both have life jackets on.
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