Mssing Costa Concordia crewmember’s kin anxious

After a lull of 42 days, the parents and relatives of missing Indian national Russell Rebello are anxious again, after they learnt that eight more dead bodies have been recovered from Italian Cruise liner Costa Concordia. It might be recalled that the liner hit a rock and sank off the Tuscan Coast, Italy on January 13.
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Moldovan dancer ‘kissed’ Costa Concordia’s captain

Zee News
London: A Moldovan ballet dancer, who was allegedly dining with the captain of Costa Concordia before the Italian luxury cruise ship capsized, has admitted to sharing a passionate kiss on the evening of tragedy. Domnica Cemortan, who was accused of causing the sinking of the Costa Concordia by romantically distracting Francisco Schettino, has given her first full newspaper interview ‘to set the record straight’.

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Cruise Report: More overnight stops could lure passengers back to ships

The Independent
Overnight, the Costa Concordia disaster shattered the image of the most durably successful travel sector. The giant ship belonging to the world’s biggest cruise firm, Carnival, struck a rock on 13 January. By dawn the next day, more than 30 passengers  and crew had died. The big question for the cruise industry is: has that tragedy put off some potential customers for life?
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Death-ship hottie talks

New York Post
By TIM PERONE The blonde who caught the eye of the cowardly captain of the Costa Concordia told a British newspaper that she likely would have bedded him had the cruise ship not crashed off the Italian coast last month, killing 25 people. “I admit that I was attracted to him, but, honestly, we did not have sex,” Domnica Cemortan told the press

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