Survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster call for Captain Coward to be drug tested

Daily Mail
By Leon Watson Survivors of the capsized Costa Concordia have called for new drug tests on the ship’s shamed captain after traces of cocaine were reportedly found on a hair sample. Tests revealed the drug was lying on the hair sample given by Captain Francesco Schettino, but the cocaine was not found within the actual fabric of Schettino’s hair or in his urine – the usual signs that someone ingested the drug.
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Cocaine Found On Costa Concordia Captain’s Hair

Atlantic Wire
By Seth Abramovitch

Traces of cocaine were found on Costa Concordia cruise ship Captain Francesco Schettino’s hair. Not in the hair, but on the hair. What makes that so bizarre, according to the AP report, isn’t so much that it was there at all, but rather that no cocaine was detected within the hair samples themselves, or in the urinalysis. 
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Costa Concordia one month on – News – MSN

Costa Concordia one month on – News – MSN
What we now know about the cruise ship disaster – and what could happen next. On the night of 18 January the Costa Concordia cruise ship was taken off course by its captain Francesco Schettino. The ship then hit rocks and quickly capsized off the coast of Tuscany. Read More See Slideshow

Workers pump over a third of fuel from Italy cruise wreck

MSN Philippines News
Salvage workers have pumped over a third of the fuel out of the shipwrecked Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia, the ship’s owner said in a statement Friday. “From the time defueling began (on February 12) until 7:00 am (0600 GMT) on February 17, a total of 952 cubic meters of fuel had been pumped out of four tanks located in the forward part of the ship,” Costa Crociere said.
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Brother of missing Costa Concordia cook: ‘I still have hope’
Family of passengers and crew missing since the Italian cruise ship the Costa Concordia hit a reef last month boated to the site and threw out roses in honor of their loved ones. One man still holds out hope his brother might be alive. “I haven’t lost hope yet, anything can still happen, a miracle.”

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Costa Concordia: Tuscany invites tourists to shipwreck island
People take pictures near the cruise liner Costa Concordia (not pictured) lying aground in front of the Isola del Giglio (Giglio island) on January 27, 2012 after hitting underwater rocks on January 13. Tuscany has invited tourists to visit the island of Giglio amidst fears that the shipwreck could ruin the island’s economy.
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