Thieves evade lasers to nab shipwreck’s bell

Toronto Sun
Underwater thieves have evaded an array of laser systems that measure millimetric shifts in the Costa Concordia shipwreck and 24-hour surveillance by the Italian coast guard and police to haul off a symbolic booty – the ship’s bell. The giant cruise liner capsized off the Tuscan island of Giglio after hitting a rock on January 13, killing at least 25 people. Seven people are still unaccounted for.

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Costa Concordia Disaster: Bell Disappears From Shipwreck Site

Huffington Post
ROME, March 15 – Underwater thieves have evaded an array of laser systems that measure millimetric shifts in the Costa Concordia shipwreck and 24-hour surveillance by the Italian coast guard and police to haul off a symbolic booty – the ship’s bell. Prosecutors have opened an investigation to find out who filched the modern-day Titanic’s bell.

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Costa Concordia. Identified the two French Victims

San Francisco Luxury News
Mylène Litzler and his companion, Mickaël Blemand were identified. Two months to the day after the tragedy of the Costa Concordia, the hope is vanishing for the relatives and Mylène and Mickaël. The two French nationals are among the seven victims of the sinking of the liner unlikely, officially identified on Tuesday. Besides the young couple from Sarcelles, there are three German, Elizsabeth Bauer, and Burnhild Werp Margrit Schroeter, an Italian, Arlotti William and his five year old girl, Dayana. Mylène Litzler, 23, and his companion Mickaël Blémand, 25, had boarded the Costa Concordia Sunday, January 8 at Toulon for a cruise of a week – their first trip abroad. On 13 January, the ship made a detour to the island of Giglio off Tuscany, to achieve a maneuver known as “inchino”, a hello to the people by sounding the siren passing nearby. Too close. The ship was only 150 meters against strict minimum of 500 from the coast when it struck rocks which opened a long breach in the hull.Tthe evening of the tragedy, the parents of Mylène Litzler, Alain and Brigitte had received a text message at 23:15 telling them their daughter “they would take life jackets and get into the canoes.” Relatives learned the sad news in the press when the ANSA news agency revealed on Tuesday mid-day results, provided by the Prefecture of Grosseto (central Italy) carried out DNA tests on the eight bodies found Feb. 22 in the submerged ship.

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Passengers Tell of Chaos on Doomed Ship

Courthouse News Service
By MARIMER MATOS MIAMI (CN) – Passengers on the doomed Costa Concordia cruise ship, which crashed and sank off Italy, paint a picture of chaos, panic and deceit, in a complaint against Carnival Corporation, in Miami-Dade County Court.Hector Perez and eight other plaintiffs say the captain, who abandoned ship, waited almost an hour and a half after he knew the ship would sink before giving the order to evacuate. “The stories told by passengers who survived the ordeal were ones of chaos, lies, and abandonment – Concordia’s crew ignored her passengers, leaving only ‘chefs and waiters’ to help them survive – passengers were forced to jump into the freezing waters in an attempt to swim for shore,”

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Arthur Frommer Comments on Lack of US Income Taxes paid by Cruise Ship Companies
I have recently been writing about Congressional Hearings addressing the Costa Concordia disaster, as well as other issues that have come to the attention of Congress as a result of the increased scrutiny of the cruise line industry. One of those issues that has come to light, despite the fact that it has been present for many years, is the fact that the major cruise ship companies that earn billions of dollars in revenues each year carrying millions of United States passengers, as well as utilizing United States ports and governmental services, do not pay United States income taxes on their profits.

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Cruise officials tout overall safety, resiliency at industry convention

That reassurance comes at a time when some operators are seeing weaker demand for cruises due to consumer pullback following the Costa Concordia accident. For some it’s a big reversal for a year that started with strong demand for cruises at higher prices than a year ago.

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Carnival Corp. CEO: Costa brand will survive, thrive

By Gene Sloan, USA TODAY The head of Costa Cruises’ parent company says he’s confident the brand can make a comeback in the wake of the Costa Concordia accident, and he has no plans to scale it back or change its name. “It is damaged. It will take some time (to rebound), but we’d be crazy to abandon such a powerful brand,” Carnival Corp. Chairman and CEO Micky Arison

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Carnival Runs Aground

The tragic crash of the Costa Concordia in mid-January completely changed that. Perhaps more damaging than the actual crash itself will be the potential lawsuits and the lack of involvement by Mr. Arison that I described two weeks ago. To make matters worse, another Costa ship, the Allegra, experienced an engine fire just weeks later, leaving the ship and its passengers without the basic necessities of water and power for three days.

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Italy to use robots to find Costa Concordia bodies

The Italian Civil Protection Agency says it will use ‘sophisticated robot-like equipment’ to help rescuers find the bodies of the seven people still missing aboard the capsized Costa Concordia cruise liner. The machines will be used to scour areas that rescue divers have difficulties accessing.

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Concordia, parola ai periti il 21 luglio Costa Crociere non sarà tra le parti offese

03/12/2012 – Il gip Valeria Montesarchio ha articolato in 50 dettagliati punti il quesito cui i tecnici dovranno rispondere esaminando la scatola nera. GROSSETO – Si è conclusa l’udienza per l’incidente probatorio sulla scatola nera della Costa Concordia. La prossima convocazione è per il 21 luglio con la relazione dei periti incaricati di rispondere ai quesiti proposti dal gip Valeria Montesarchio. Il giudice per le indagini preliminari Valeria Montesarchio ha articolato in 50 dettagliati punti il quesito cui i periti dovranno rispondere esaminando la scatola nera; il procuratore Francesco Verusio ha aggiunto, a sorpresa, a carico di Schettino e di parte dei co-indagati, la contestazione del reato di distruzione di habitat in sito protetto.

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