I survived the Costa Concordia disaster by clinging to rope

When the Costa Concordia cruise ship hit rocks off the coast of Tuscany in January 2012, 32 people died. But for Emily Lau, 30, a musician from Oregon, making it ashore was just the start of the nightmare…

Through the chaos I felt calm.

There was a lot of fear and panic on that dark deck, with terrified crowds fighting to get on the remaining lifeboats, but I wasn’t frightened.

Looking at the surging crowd, realising we’d been pushed further back, I made my decision.

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Ferry service resumes after car plunges off dock

A crash froze ferry runs for Friday night when a 60-year-old Belfair man died crashing through the Southworth Ferry Dock barricade, driving himself into the bay.The sheriffs office got calls just after 6 pm friday about the SUV at 32 mph. The drowning/crash victim was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma. Washington State Ferries say ferry service has resumed.

Ferry service resumes after car plunges off dock Komonews

After Sewol Ferry Disaster, Koreans Lower Trust in Government

About 600 bereaved family members of the SEWOL FERRY DISASTER victims — many of them high school students — joined a march in Gwanghwamun Square, a government district and popular rally spot, But it ended in a scuffle when demonstrators tried to break through police lines, injuring several people.

So why the paranoia over demonstrations in this powerful and stable democracy, where free speech hardly poses an existential threat to peace, order and the rule of law?

Traffic was halted and sidewalks were obstructed to prevent the advance of a mass demonstration of, well, poetry readings and memorial songs for victims of the Sewol ferry sinking.

The event revealed the incredibly low trust that the South Korean government places in its people — and the extent to which its people return the favor. The thousands of demonstrators were suddenly halted on the final stretch of a peaceful two-day rally, while demanding a parliamentary investigation into the disaster that killed close to 300 people.

After Sewol Ferry Disaster, Koreans Lower Trust in Government NBC News

Wireless Technology Can Dramatically Improve Ship Safety

The sinking of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia in 2012 – and the reported difficulties in evacuating over 4,000 people with the eventual loss of 32 lives –underlined the urgent need to accurately trace passengers during emergencies.

Indeed, while most people on board were brought ashore during a six-hour evacuation, the search for missing passengers and crew continued for several months.
Wireless Technology Can Dramatically Improve Ship Safety Product Design and Development

Giglio residents vote to keep Concordia platforms

Residents of the Italian island of Giglio, where the Costa Concordia smashed into rocks two years ago, want to keep six massive undersea platforms used to support the cruise ship to create an artificial reef.

Defying a decision by Italy’s environmental ministry, which wants to remove the platforms now the ship has been towed away for scrap, Giglio’s town council has voted to keep the huge structures, which sit 90 feet below the surface close to the island’s main port.

“The people here want them to stay, and I am backing popular will,” said Gigilo mayor Sergio Ortelli. “We have voted to ask the ministry to keep it, if it is environmentally sound.”

Giglio residents vote to keep Concordia platforms Publication

Nat Geo greenlights Costa Concordia documentary

National Geographic Channels International has ordered a one-off special that follows the recovery of sunken Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia.

The Raising of the Costa Concordia will launch on NGCI channels later this month.

The Windfall Films-produced doc will look at the engineering feats necessary to raise, re-float and tow away the ship, which capsized on the Italian island of Giglio in 2012 at the cost of 32 lives.

Windfall has been following 500 engineers, divers, welders and crane operators since that point to capture what NGCI describes as “one of the greatest engineering feats ever undertaken”.

“For almost two years, Windfall Films’ cameras have been following the project to re-float the Costa Concordia – close up…

Nat Geo greenlights Costa Concordia doce TBI Vision

Montco firm plays key role in Italian cruise ship’s salvage

After two and a half years, the shipwrecked Costa Concordia, whose tragic sinking off the Italian coast caught global attention, finally refloated to the surface last month with assistance from a Montgomery County-based company.

VideoRay L.L.C. of Pottstown supplied six Pro 4 remote operated vehicles (ROVs) systems, or “swimming underwater cameras,” in the Concordia operation to help salvage the Italian cruise ship and survey its wreck.

The Costa Concordia struck an uncharted rock off the coast of Giglio Island in January 2012. The engine room flooded, causing the ship to capsize. It was the largest cruise ship ever to sink, killing 32 people after it flipped.
The raising of the Costa Concordia is considered the most complex single-ship salvage operation in history.

VideoRay ROVs were used first on the Concordia by the Italian Coast Guard to assist rescue divers looking for accident victims, and several bodies were recovered during this phase.
Scott Bentley, founder and owner of VideoRay, said that the ROVs also assisted and monitored human divers and surveyed wreck damage during the salvage phase, logging approximately 45,000 hours of footage.

Montco firm plays key role in Italian cruise ship’s salvage Philly.com

Furor after Costa Concordia captain gives lecture on emergency procedures

Rome: A Rome university professor is facing a disciplinary hearing after inviting the captain of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner to lecture students on emergency procedures.

The dean of Rome’s Sapienza University, Luigi Frati, voiced anger on Wednesday at the professor’s decision to invite Captain Francesco Schettino to give a seminar, calling it an “inappropriate and unworthy choice.” Mr Frati said he was turning the matter over to an ethics committee.

The university dismissed the “pathetic excuses” offered by the professor, Vincenzo Mastronardi, when confronted by the dean.

Furor after Costa Concordia captain gives lecture on emergency procedures Sydney Morning Herald