Protests against huge cruise liner

Since the wreck of the Costa Concordia in January, environmentalists have stepped up their efforts to have large cruise ships banned from the lagoon which surrounds the historic centre of the canal city. Big cruise ships enter the city to drop off passengers conveniently close to the historic centre and the Grand Canal.
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Time Lapse Documentary of the Costa Concordia ‘the Last Salute’

GIGLIO PORTO, Italy, 23 May 2012 – AP On the 13th of January 2012 the cruise ship ‘Costa Concordia‘ was wrecked on the rocks off the Italian island of Isola del Giglio. The vessel currently lies 30 feet (10 meters) off the coast of this beautiful island. It will need to be salvaged on the spot. With our documentary ‘the Last Salute’, Prorama will document the entire salvage operation of the ‘Costa Concordia‘ in a unique way. Part of our project includes a live time-lapse camera feed.
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Sophia sails into row about monster ship in Venice

The Independent
The monstrous vessel, which is 40m longer than the wrecked Costa Concordia, swept past St Mark’s Square, and no doubt blotted out the sun from some positions, while protesters, like specks on the shore, waved banners which read “No Big Ships”.  Environmentalists are urging Italian screen legend Sophia Loren to ditch her endorsement of the latest giant cruise liner to sully the views and pollute the air of Venice. The 140000-tonne MSC Divina was christened by the actress last month in France.

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Venice environmentalists ask Sophia Loren to renounce ship

Since the wreck of the Costa Concordia last January, environmentalists have stepped their efforts to have large cruise ships banned from the lagoon which surrounds the historic centre of the canal city. The Concordia capsized off the coast of the Tuscan island of Giglio after it hit rocks. Environmentalists on Saturday urged film diva Sophia Loren to help stop a big cruise ship named in her honor from ever entering the Venice lagoon because of potential damage to the city and the lagoon’s delicate ecosystem.

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Costa Concordia: Sun, sea, sand… and shipwreck

The Independent

The sense of chaos in the little port of Giglio has died down. The world’s media has drifted away, leaving a few members of the civil protection agency, strolling casually from their tent on the quayside to the Fausto café. The reason why this little island came to the world’s attention on 13 January this year is rarely out of sight or mind, though. Just beyond the port opening, the wrecked Costa Concordia lies, partially submerged, at the same odd angle. Its yellow funnel, with its black rim, points at the island like a cigarette butt.

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Costa Concordia: Whole Story

It turns out the Italian Coast Guard found out about the accident when someone on board the cruise liner called relatives ashore – and those relatives called the Coast Guard. The salvage work is getting underway. Costa Cruises chose “Titan Salvage”…
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