Cruise Bookings on the Rise in 2012 Despite Costa Concordia Incident

Despite the deadly crash of the Costa Concordia in January, cruise lines have seen an increase in bookings in 2012. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) found that there has actually been an increase in cruise bookings this year. After polling travel agents, the group found that more than half of them reported an increase in cruise sales. Twenty-five percent of the travel agents said that the number of cruise booking was similar to last year.
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Captain From Costa Concordia Has Clear Conscience

Imassera News
July 17, 2012- Francesco Schettino, the captain from the Costa Concordia, which crashed six months ago says he has a clear conscience. The captain said he accepts his responsibility in the accident and said he was sorry but feels he is not the only one that should be blamed. Schettino said the disaster, which killed 32 people, was due to a chain of events that were unfortunate and might have involved some mechanical failure. The captain has been charged in the accident with multiple counts of manslaughter, causing the shipwreck and abandoning his ship.
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Costa Concordia captain opens up to NBC News
NEW YORK – Captain Francesco Schettino, the man at the helm just before the fatal Costa Concordiaaccident, sat down and spoke for himself for an hour-and-a-half exclusively to NBC News. He is accused of manslaughter, causing the wreck by coming too close to an island and then abandoning ship. He accepts some, but not all, responsibility for this enormous disaster which sent more than 4,000 people scrambling to get off the ship and killing 32 people, describing it to NBC’s Michelle Kosinki as “a really bad day in his life.”
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Costa Concordia tragedy: Cruise ship’s salvage a wreck for Italian island

89.3 KPCC
Last January, the captain of the Italian mega-cruise ship Costa Concordia committed an apparent act of maritime bravado a few yards from the shore of a Tuscan island. Thirty people were killed, and two are still missing. Six months after one of the biggest passenger shipwrecks in recent history, relatives of the dead attended a memorial service near the site of the disaster.

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Concordia captain: ‘I am clear with my conscience’
The Italian captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship that capsized six months ago, killing 32 people, told TODAY he is sorry for the accident but feels not all of the blame should fall on him. In his first American television interview since the disaster occurred on Jan. 13, Francesco Schettino told NBC’s Michelle Kosinski that the disaster was a chain of unfortunate errors and possible mechanical failure. Schettino has been charged with multiple manslaughter, causing the accident and abandoning ship.
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Costa Concordia disaster spawns shipwreck tourism for Italian island (blog)
GIGLIO, Italy – Six months after it capsized off Italy’s Giglio island, the Costa Concordia still lies on its side – a monument to what prosecutors say was reckless navigation. The 122000-ton, 1000 foot long cruise liner, which hit a rock and partially sank on January 13, claiming the lives of 32 people including two Americans, has become part of Giglio’s skyline. For locals it has become an eyesore that stops them enjoying the view of the Tuscan shore. But for tourists it represents a perfect photo opportunity for their summer albums.

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Costa Concordia survivors describe ‘Goliath’ fight against cruise industry (blog)
Shortly after the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Italy, leaving at least 32 people dead, Costa Cruises began offering settlements to the survivors of the accident. Nancy and Mario Lofaro of New Rochelle, N.Y., said they were offered $14,500 by the cruise line following the Jan. 13 incident.

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Captain of shipwrecked Costa Concordia says he was ‘distracted’

Fox News
The captain of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, which ran aground killing 32 people, said he was distracted shortly before the collision. In a TV interview with Italy’s Canale 5, Francesco Schettino described the accident and said he was distracted by a phone conversation just before the ship crashed into a reef off an Italian island and capsized.

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