Costa Concordia is turned into a macabre tourist attraction

Daily Mail
 all summer, drawn by the submerged ship. The Costa Concordia ran into a reef and capsized off the coast of the Tuscan island of Giglio on Friday January 13 after Captain Francesco Schettino made an unauthorised diversion from his programmed route.

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MSAF crackdown on overloading vessels

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
A number of vessels have been stopped in the past week by the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji and forced to off load passengers and cargo. MSAF CEO Neal Slack says they’re clamping down on shipping companies who for sometime have breached their laws.

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Charges pending in boating accident

Charges pending in boating accident
The Sudbury Star
Charges are pending in a boating accident Wednesday at 6:50 p.m., involving two vessels on Nepewassi Lake in Burwash Township. Officers from the Sudbury detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police were called after a northbound 23-foot Chaparral boat 

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Sightseeing vessel runs aground in Alaskan bay, 76 rescued

Chicago Tribune
Seventy-six people were rescued on Sunday after a sightseeing vessel ran aground in Alaska’s Glacier Bay and began filling with water.None of the passengers and crew members aboard the 79-foot Baranof Wind was seriously hurt, though some minor injuries were reported. It was stabilized after the accident, and there were no immediate signs of spills or other pollution, Mosley said. The boat’s owner was arranging to tow the vessel into port, he said. The accident was reported to the Coast Guard a

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Costa Concordia removal delayed Removal of the Costa Concordia shipwreck, originally scheduled for completion by January of 2013, will be delayed until spring. The consortium hired to refloat and remove the wreck from the waters off the coast of Italy told the Osservatorio, the entity supervising the operations, about the new timeline this week. Pompano Beach-based Titan Salvage and Italian marine firm Micoperi were contracted for the project.

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Rough seas in Europe for cruise operators

The sinking of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 sparked a turbulent year for the cruise industry in Europe, writes Michelle Grant, travel and tourism analyst at Euromonitor International. “The sinking of Concordia in January 2012 impacted the entire…

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