Costa Concordia: Experts ‘blame captain and firm’

BBC News
An official report has blamed the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship for the shipwreck in which 32 people died. But, according to leaks of the pre-trial report in the Italian press, they also found fault with the Costa firm. One of the three
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Experts fault captain, crew, Costa for Italy wreck

CBS News
The Costa Concordia ran aground and capsized Jan. 13 off the Tuscan island of Giglio after Capt. Francesco Schettino took it off course in a stunt. He is accused of causing the shipwreck, manslaughter and abandoning the ship before before all passengers were evacuated.Eight other people are also under investigation, and the court in Grosseto ordered the expert investigation to help it determine which if any should be put on trial. A hearing is scheduled for next month.
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Costa Concordia cruise lawsuits ‘unlikely’ to stay in US

Washington Post
11, 2012 – Hundreds of the passengers from the stricken Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia and up to 1,000 businesses on the island where it ran aground are pressing ahead with U.S. lawsuits against Miami-based Carnival Corp. (/Associated Press) 

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US lawsuits target Carnival in Italy cruise crash

Costa Concordia
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Despite legal obstacles that might force them to sue in Italy, hundreds of Costa Concordia passengers and up to 1,000 businesses on the island where the capsized cruise ship ran aground are pressing ahead with U.S. lawsuits seeking millions of dollars in damages from Miami-based Carnival Corp. The lawsuits filed in both federal and state courts contend that Carnival is the corporate parent of the Costa brand, which operated the vessel, and is ultimately responsible for any safety violations, negligence or recklessness that may have led to the Jan. 13 accident that claimed 32 lives. Investigators say the ship rammed a reef while passing too close to Giglio Island, off Italy’s Tuscan coast.
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The wild utterances of Costa Concordia captain on tragic night
Black box recordings from the ill-fated liner the Costa Concordia were published today by the Italian newspaper La Stampa. The transcripts show a confused bridge lead by a captain who one moment lamented his actions, the next praised his heroism. “Madonna, what have i done (Maro’ ch’aggio cumbinato)?” Capt. Francesco Schettino cries moments after his ship hit a reef at 9:45 on the evening of Jan. 13. The ship was to list over and partially sink, with the loss of 32 lives. The tapes show that he waited, despite pleas from his crew, over an hour before giving the order to abandon ship
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Costa Concordia sister ship Allegra to be sold, likely for scrap

The ocean liner Allegra, from the same fleet as the ill-fated Costa Concordia, is on the seller’s block with a likelihood it will be sold for scrap. The ship is much smaller than the Concordia at 28,500 tonnes and carries 820 passengers.
The Allegra is the oldest in the Costa Cruise line fleet and in late February the ship had a fire in the engine room in the Indian Ocean that left it adrift for three days without lights, running toilets or air-conditioning.

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Costa Concordia contest unsanctioned by Giglio Island or company
Catania – A contest from an architectural research group at Italy’s Università degli Studi di Catania seeks creative things to do with the partially submerged Costa Concordia. However, the island the ship sits 300 meters from won’t be listening to the winner.
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