Carnival CEO comes under Congressional heat

Sen. Jay Rockefeller is outraged by what he sees as Carnival’s abuse of the loopholes in the tax system. However, Carnival has said they pay all the taxes they are required to. Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, told Rock Center’s Harry Smith that he regards Carnival “very poorly” as a corporate citizen. Rock Center commissioned S&P Capital IQ to look into Carnival’s taxes and their team found that on billions of dollars in profits over five years, Carnival paid only .6 percent taxes. But Rockefeller believes that Carnival’s extremely low tax rate — while legal — is “disgusting” because of its frequent use of government services.

Indonesian Helmsman Refuses Italian court

An Indonesian seafarer working as the helmsman of the ill-fated cruise ship Costa Concordia, which sank off the coast of the Tuscan island of Giglio, Italy, in 2012, has refused to show up at an Italian court. Rusli bin Jakub claimed he was undergoing medical treatment at Omni International Hospital in East Jakarta for shock, depression and trauma caused by the accident.

Indonesian helmsman refuses to show up at Italian court Jakarta Post

Costa Concordia Disaster – What happened?

The Corcordia strikes the rock cliff at sharp angle on a port wheel and at high rate. The vessel then swings rapidly to port after being hit at the rear of the peripatetic pivot point (PP). The wheel is then transferred over to Stb’d to reduce the swing toward the small port of Giglio. Engine RPM are reduced. As the water rapidly ingress the Engine Room (ER) … Black Out … Emergency Generator On … The only equipments now working are the Navigation and Communications Instruments, Public Address Phone, Emergency Lighting and Ventilation, Emergency Steering System, Watertight Doors, Emergency Ballast Pump, Fire Pump and not much more.

Costa Concordia Disaster

Costa Concordia, once refloated, to be scrapped at Piombino port

The Costa Concordia disaster was 14 months ago and finally there is a complete plan to remove the ship. While it’s been known for months they were refloating and towing it for dismantling, only now have Italian officials decided the port it will go to. The government in Italy announced last week that the ship, which lies 300 metres off the island of Giglio in the Tuscan Bay, once refloated will be towed to the nearest port, the port of Piombino in Tuscany. Some opponents are arguing that could lengthen the removal operation as there is upgrading work to be done in that port; however…

Costa Concordia, once refloated, to be scrapped at Piombino port Digital Journal

Cruises Forum: Costa Concordia-when is the Captain’s trial … Trip Advisor

11 Dead in Shipwreck

XIADAO TOWNSHIP, CHINA (BNO NEWS) — The death toll after the sinking of a ferry on a river in eastern China has risen to eleven, state-run media reported on Thursday, just days after the sinking of another boat in China claimed the lives of a dozen …
Eleven people died and four others are missing in the sinking of a ferry in the Minjiang River in the eastern Chinese province of Fujian, apparently due to bad weather.

11 dead, 4 missing after ferry sinks in east China

11 Dead in shipwreck of Chinese ferry

Carnival Cruise Lines And Why Third Party Travel Insurance Pays

Carnival Cruise Lines has had a rough few weeks, but as difficult as Triumph’s drift, Dream’s electrical failure and Legend’s propulsion problems have likely been on the Carnival Corp. PR team, these seaborne debacles have been harder still on the boats’ passengers. By way of making amends, Carnival has offered its indignant clients small amounts of cash and credits for exactly the sort of future cruises they probably want to avoid. That said, Carnival didn’t really have to offer the victims of their hospitality anything at all — an argument, if there ever was one, for third party insurance.

Carnival Cruise Lines And Why Third Party Travel Insurance Pays
Costa Concordia Salvage Update
Costa Concordia – IMO 9320544 – Callsign IBHD
Costa Concordia Ship Tour just before sinking on Friday 13th

What to do if your cruise ship becomes disabled

What to do if your cruise ship becomes disabled
Fox News
This is the third Carnival ship in less than two months to experience difficulties at sea. In February, the Carnival Triumph was crippled by an onboard fire in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving passengers stranded for days while the ship was towed back to land.

What to do if your cruise ship becomes disabled
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