Costa Concordia & Maritime Error Management

Costa Concordia: An opportunity for advancing human factor awareness? Will the casualty advance desirable critical thinking and cognitive awareness or merely trigger shortfall RRPP? A maritime casualty with everything a novelist could hope for – a huge state-of-the-art modern passenger vessel strikes a rock and eventually grounds on the foreshore of a bucolic island town, thousands of lives are imperiled, likely chaos on the bridge, a captain – excoriated by officialdom – who contends he “fell” into one of the earliest departing lifeboats and now is suing to be re-hired by his former cruise line employer, divine intervention returning the vessel to shore according to the prosecutor, and – even – a mysterious blond and a Friday the 13th sailing and disaster date short by only three months from the 100th “anniversary” of R.M.S. Titanic striking an iceberg and sinking with tragic loss of life.
Costa Concordia & Maritime Error Management Marine Link