Costa Concordia trial could be delayed

A national strike by Italian lawyers could delay the start of the manslaughter trial of the Costa Concordia’s captain, charged for the cruise liner’s deadly shipwreck in January 2012, a court official told AFP.The first hearing will take place as scheduled on Tuesday, but if defendant Francesco Schettino’s lawyers tell the judge they are adhering to the strike, then the trial will get under way only on July 17.

Costa Concordia trial ‘could be delayed’

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Maritime Law: 11th Circuit Keeps Costa Concordia Lawsuits in Miami-Dade Circuit Court

After Carnival’s cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Italy, two separate actions were filed by groups of 56 and 48 plaintiffs in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida (our Miami state court).

Carnival removed both actions to the federal district court, claiming that the district court had subject-matter jurisdiction under the mass-action provision of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 (CAFA), Pub. L. 109-2, 119 Stat. 4. The Plaintiffs moved for remand to the state court on the ground that the district court lacked jurisdiction and the district court granted the motion.

Maritime Law: 11th Circuit Keeps Costa Concordia Lawsuits in Miami-Dade Circuit Court Maritime Executive

Miss Italy hopeful competes in memory of Costa victim mom

The daughter of a woman killed in the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster last year off the Tuscan coast says she is vying to become Miss Italy in her mother’s memory. Stefania Vincenzi, 18, survived the crash but still does not know what became of her mother Maria Grazia Tricarichi who is believed to have drowned in the January 2012 disaster that killed 32.

Miss Italy hopeful competes in memory of Costa victim mom Gazzetta del Sud

Momentous Victory for Cruise Victims

Cruise victims have won another victory against Carnival Corporation when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit remanded claims to the Florida State Court for continued litigation.

The July 1, 2013 order affirmed the District Court’s prior remand order, concerning two cases, Abeid-Saba, et al., v. Carnival Corporation et al., (Docket No.: 12-CV-23513) and Scimone, et al. v. Carnival Corp. et al. (“Scimone II”), (Docket No.: 12-CV-23505). Both cases arise from plaintiffs’ claims that they were injured when the Costa Concordia capsized after grounding off the Italian coast.

Momentous Victory for Cruise Victims Wall Street Journal


If you think you know what happened when the Costa Concordia went down – think again. It’s been nearly a year since the Costa Concordia cruise liner struck a rock and sank off the coast of Italy, leaving 32 passengers and crew dead. The captain is now facing possible manslaughter charges, and his ship is at the centre of the biggest salvage operation in history. As questions continue to swirl around who is to blame for the tragic maritime disaster, the fifth estate looks back at the sinking of the Costa Concordia, with the exclusive first in-depth television interview with Captain Francesco Schettino. Bob McKeown sheds new light on the sequence of events that led to the loss of the largest ship ever built in Italy, with black box recordings detailing events unfolding on the doomed ship before, during and after the crash.

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Costa Concordia loss balloons to $1.17bn

The Costa Concordia shipwreck looks set to cost the market nearly two-thirds more than previously expected due to a sharp increase in the expense of removing the stricken cruise liner, The Insurance Insider can reveal.

The total claims bill absorbed by the Costa’s protection and indemnity (P&I) clubs and their insurers is now expected to come in at $1.17bn, far exceeding the previous estimate of $744mn, according to industry sources.

The increase reflects a near doubling to $917mn in the

Costa Concordia loss balloons to $1.17bn Insurance insider