At last! Costa Concordia to be towed from Giglio in September

Dates for removing the Costa Concordia from its perch 300 metres from the Italian island of Giglio have come and gone but the cruise liner hasn’t moved. But the current date, next month, got a vote of confidence from the man in charge of the project. “If things go as we are expecting. I think September will be the month of the rotation,” Franco Gabrielli told news channel SkyTG24 in Italy. He did not give a specific date but said September must be stuck to or bad weather in later months could make refloating it more difficult and even break the ship apart.

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Ferry Accident Death toll hits 39 in Philippines

CEBU, Philippines (AP) — As the MV Thomas Aquinas cruised toward Cebu city in the central Philippines, navy marshal Richard Pestillos prepared for a brief stop while some passengers watched a band and others soaked in the night breeze on the deck. Then the scene turned chaotic when the ferry, with 870 passengers and crew, and a cargo ship collided late Friday, ripping a hole in its hull, knocking out its power and causing it to list before rapidly sinking as people screamed, according to Pestillos and other witnesses.”The sea was very calm and we could already see the lights at the pier,” Pestillos told The Associated Press on Sunday by telephone.

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