Costa Concordia: Tug firm’s role in salvage operation

A tug belonging to Holyhead Towing helped pull the ship upright in a 19-hour operation.The luxury vessel had been stuck off Italy’s Tuscany coast since running aground in January last year killing 32 people.The £500m salvage operation was described as one of the largest and most daunting ever undertaken.Holyhead Towing’s tug Afon Cefni was part of the operation to right the vessel. But it was all in a day’s work for the managing director Mark Meade whose fleet of boats operate in more than a dozen countries.

Tug firm’s role in salvage operation

Meet Inken Frühling, the only woman in the Costa Concordia control room the guardian

Jacksonville-based company turned Costa Concordia Actionnewsjax

Relatives of missing face agonising wait

The relatives of the two people still missing from the Costa Concordia disaster embarked on a heart-wrenching wait for the discovery of their remains today, a day after the giant cruise ship was hauled upright. The clouds of sediment will have to settle, and the badly mangled starboard side of the ship inspected, before divers and other searchers can enter. “I hope that they will be able to make the ship secure quickly and then find my mother’s body,” Stefania Vincenzi, the 18-year-old daughter of Mrs Trecarichi, told The Daily Telegraph in her first interview with a British newspaper, as she looked at the wreck, half covered in brown algae…

Costa Concordia: Relatives of missing face agonising wait

Costa Concordia Set Upright

Salvage workers on Tuesday succeeded in the delicate operation of pulling the Costa Concordia cruise ship upright near a small Italian island off Tuscany, completing one of the biggest and costliest operations of its kind in about 19 hours. More than a year after the ship ran aground and after months of preparations, workers used a series of cables and pulleys to haul the 114,000-ton ship off its side and place it upright on an underwater platform built on the side of a reef near Giglio Island, in a process known as parbuckling. Before dawn, the head of Italy’s Civil Protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, confirmed that the ship had been pulled upright, with no environmental spills or damage to the coastline. More than 500 engineers, divers, welders and other salvage workers have been involved in the effort. Salvage company Titan Salvage won the tender to manage the project.

Costa Concordia Set Upright

Costa Concordia still an eyesore even right side up CBS News

Costa Concordia: mammoth salvage effort could break records

As the colossal Costa Concordia cruise ship is raised from the waters off the Italian island of Giglio, engineers are bearing witness to the most complicated task of its kind in maritime history. The 114,500-ton vessel, which capsized in January 2012, killing 32 people, is twice the size of the Titanic. And turning it upright to haul it to land has never been tried before with a vessel this size and so close to the shore. The operation has been eyed by environmentalists, who worry that a toxic waste spill could pollute the Mediterranean waters around the island. It has also raised eyebrows for its price tag: 600 million euros and counting, in an age of austerity.The lifting of the vessel is expected to take all day today, and engineers have already reported that they successfully separated from ship from the reef on which it has been lying. Hopes are high that the salvage effort will not cause the boat to break apart in the process.

Costa Concordia: mammoth salvage effort could break records Christian Science Monitor

Costa Concordia finally lifted upright after months of preparation

Off the Italian coast, they started early Monday morning to pull the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia off rocks and into an upright position.

This really was an operation of titanic proportions. It took months of preparations, hundreds of workers, and in the end, 19 hours of pulling power.

But finally at four o’clock in the morning, the Costa Concordia was pulled back to its upright position.

It really looks like a ghost ship that emerged from the seas and now is ready to set sail.

Costa Concordia finally lifted upright after months of preparation

Costa Concordia pulled completely upright off Italy

The crippled Costa Concordia cruise ship was pulled completely upright early Tuesday after a complicated, 19-hour operation to wrench it from its side where it capsized last year off Tuscany, with officials declaring it a “perfect” end to a daring and unprecedented engineering feat.

“We completed the parbuckling operation a few minutes ago the way we thought it would happen and the way we hoped it would happen,” said Franco Porcellacchia, project manager for the Concordia’s owner, Costa Crociere SpA.

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Costa Concordia Is Bigger Than Titanic – Business Insider

Crews in Italy are busy right now trying to flip the shipwrecked Costa Concordia upright, a year and a half after it ran aground and capsized, ending up perched on two underwater mountain peaks. The salvage process is incredibly expensive and complex, and if it goes awry, there’s no good backup plan. Why so difficult? The Costa Concordia is simply enormous. It’s bigger than the Titanic. To compare the two ill-fated ships, we pulled together stats from old press releases from Fincantierei, which built the cruise liner, as well as sites dedicated to the histories of the famed SS United States and Queen Mary, also worthy of Titanic comparisons.

The Shipwrecked Costa Concordia Is Bigger Than The Titanic

Costa Concordia Salvage Operation To Begin Monday

The complicated salvage operation is set to begin Monday at the site of the Costa Concordia, the luxury cruise ship that ran aground off Italy in 2012. Even if it succeeds, it will be a long time before things return to normal on the island of Giglio, where the ship wrecked.

“The old nautical term for the operation is called parbuckling. Over a 10- to 12-hour period, the ship — now slumped on its side on a sloping reef — will be slowly rotated as dozens of pulleys will pull it upright.

“The big unknown is the condition of the side of the ship lying on the jagged reef, which juts into the hull by some 30 feet. But the engineers in charge are confident that the operation will be successful — so confident that there’s no Plan B.”

Costa Concordia Salvage Operation To Begin Monday Capradio
Costa Concordia Salvage Plan Has ‘90% Chance’ Of Success Afloat

Costa Concordia to be righted next week

More than 20 months after it capsized in shallow waters off the coast of Italy, the Costa Concordia cruise ship is finally set to be righted Monday in a massive, risky operation set to last 12 hours.

Since captain Francesco Schettino ran the ship aground Jan. 13, 2012, off the island of Giglio, killing 32 people, Italian officials have fretted over how to move the giant vessel.

Even just a few months ago, the plan seemed “crazy” — and there was no “plan B” if it failed.

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Italy’s wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship to be raised

The wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship could be upright again next week, nearly two years after the liner capsized and killed at least 30 people off the Italian coast.

The giant vessel, which has lain partly submerged in shallow waters off the Tuscan island of Giglio since the accident in January 2012, will be rolled off the seabed and onto underwater platforms.

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