Costa Concordia to be removed by massive Dutch transport ship

A Dutch salvage firm, Royal Boskalis NV said on Thursday they’ve won a $30 million contract to remove the Costa Concordia. The Italian cruise ship partially sunk 300 metres off of the shore of Giglio Island in the Tuscan Bay on Jan. 13, 2012.

Royal Boskalis NV plans to remove the Costa Concordia next summer by use of their giant ship, the Dockwise Vanguard, normally used for transporting oil platforms. The 114,000 ton Costa Concordia partially sunk when a hole was torn into its hull after it hit a reef.

Dockwise Vanguard to remove Costa Concordia
The largest semi-submersible ship in the world, the Dockwise Vanguard has a flat deck that is 275 metres by 70 metres and is designed to carry extremely heavy and large loads. It fills ballast tanks with water and operates while sitting below water level.
“When the ballast tanks are flooded, the ship deck submerges below the surface, allowing her to handle deep draught cargoes,” a Royal Boskalis press release reads. “Once the Dockwise Vanguard is semi-submersed, the floating Concordia will be brought in position above the deck and as the ballast tanks are emptied, the entire ship, including the Costa Concordia, is brought above the water line, allowing her to transport the cargo in a safe and swift manner.”

Costa Concordia to be removed by massive Dutch transport ship Digital Journal
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