A press conference was held in Rome, Italy, today by Costa Crociere and the Protezione Civile to provide an update on the COSTA CONCORDIA salvage operations known as the “Parbuckling Project”.

Speakers included Andrea Orlando, Italy’s Minister of Environment; Franco Gabrielli, Italian Government Deputy Commissioner for the Concordia emergency; Michael Thamm, chief executive officer, Costa Cruises; and Franco Porcellacchia, project manager removal project, Costa Cruises. Removal of the wreck will begin in June, with ports in Italy, Britain, France, Turkey and China all bidding for the contract to dismantle the ship, officials say.

Recent operations at Giglio included “winterization measures” to guarantee additional stability of the wreck for the winter season. Completed in December 2013, this consisted of positioning 28 tubular steel braces connecting sponsons on the wreck to underwater platforms on the offshore side; putting grout bags on the inshore side and installation of an additional holdback system for the bow.

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