Another Blonde-Bimbo-in-the-Bridge

Its been two years since the deadly Costa Concordia disaster. It’s much safer now the cruise lines assure us. The cruise line trade organization, CLIA, reminds us of all of the new protocols which the cruise industry implemented shortly after the Concordia capsized.

One of the new rules prohibits family, guests or other persons not essential to the navigation of the vessel from being on the bridge. This was to prevent “disruptions and distractions to the bridge team members while monitoring the navigation of the ship.”
This new proposal came about because at the time of the disaster, disgraced Captain Schettino had invited his (often-photographed-in-a-bikini} paramour, Moldovan dancer Domnica Cemortan, to the bridge.
I call this the “no-bimbo’s-on-the-bridge” protocol.
It’s pretty embarrassing that this is how the playboy officers on the Costa cruise were acting at the time of the disaster. It’s even more embarrassing that the cruise lines had so little confidence in their navigational crew that they had to adopt a policy outlawing such immature, fraternity-like behavior.

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