Costa Concordia set to be lifted from seabed

Salvage workers are getting the cruise ship Costa Concordia ready for its final voyage.

Thirty tanks filled with air will lift the shipwreck off the seabed next month so it can be towed away and dismantled. Italian officials have said the Costa Concordia will be scrapped at a salvage yard at the port in Genoa, Italy. Ironically, the port is the headquarters of Costa Cruises.

Officials are hoping to start towing the ship on July 20 to Genoa, where the ship will be dismantled and recycled, according to a report by Voice of Russia.

Although that development, two years after the calamitous and fatal wreck, would be significant, a new technical report prepared by the ship’s parent company, Costa Cruises, said the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea could be contaminated with chemicals and hydrocarbons as the Costa Concordia is refloated and towed away.
Costa Concordia set to be lifted from seabed Trade Only Today