Costa Concordia

After 30 months of presence on the Italian islands of Giglio near Tuscany, the massive wreck of the Costa Concordia, 951.8 ft long, 124.6 ft wide and 64.9 ft deep, has been shifted off the rock in which it had become embedded, re-floated and towed out to sea to arrive some five days later in the port of Genoa where it will be dismantled and scrapped.

A painful sight for the islanders of Giglio, reminded every day about the terrible tragedy that occurred, the departure of the relic of the ship, came with relief and also with some sadness as many goodbyes had to be said to the several worthy people and engineers, divers and all sorts of personnel that had practically made Giglio their home during these long months and who became greatly admired and appreciated for the salvage operation being carried out successfully and sensitively towards the people, those 32 passengers and crew who lost their lives, their families and the island and most importantly, the maritime environment. At every stage of the plan, preserving the clear sea waters was paramount and an integral part of the engineering feat.

Costa Concordia Publication