Aging Tuscan Port Vies to Dismantle Costa Concordia

PIOMBINO, Italy — Workers are hurriedly revamping the aged port in this smoggy Tuscan city, trucking in boulders to construct and fortify jetties, and enlarging its facilities to refit and dismantle ships. They are scheduled to dredge and deepen the harbor next month.

The work, part of a $154 million restoration that Piombino hopes will stop the port’s decline, has grown and taken on new urgency as the city competes to lure a special guest: the 950-foot-long wreck of the Costa Concordia, the cruise liner that hit a rock and capsized about 40 miles south of here two years ago.

The hulk is to be broken up for scrap, and the question of who will do the job and where it will be done is the latest chapter of a story that has moved from national shame — 32 people died in the wreck while the captain fled in a lifeboat — to engineering triumph, after a spectacular parbuckling operationturned the 114,500-ton ship back upright in September.

Aging Tuscan Port Vies to Dismantle Costa Concordia Slinking Toward Retirement

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