Italian officials sue Costa Concordia owner for $275 million

Costa Cruises, a unit of Carnival Corp., was hit with huge lawsuits by officials from Tuscany and the island of Giglio, who allege that the January 2012 disaster contributed to a major decline in area visitors.
Italian officials are suing the owner of the doomed Costa Concordia cruise ship for an eye-watering $275 million — over claims the liner disaster destroyed local tourism.

Costa Cruises, a unit of Carnival Corp., was hit with the mega-lawsuits by officials from Tuscany and the island of Giglio on Monday, according to reports.

They allege that the January 2012 disaster contributed to a major decline in visitors to the area, which they say will take “years” of investment to rectify.
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Inside 60 Minutes’ Report on Salvaging the Costa Concordia

Carnival likely isn’t thrilled by the continued coverage of the Concordia disaster, but until the ship is moved it will have to put up with the gawkers on shore and on the other side of the lens, too.

SEP 03, 2013 7:29 AM
By all accounts, the Costa Concordia — the half-sunken passenger liner marooned off the coast of Tuscany — is a surreal sight.

“You’ve got this giant thing that’s three football fields long sitting on a slanted mountainside underwater,”

Inside 60 Minutes’ Report on Salvaging the Costa Concordia Skift Travel IQ

Cruise ship scare in Venice

Carnival Sunshine comes ‘dangerously close’ to shore.

The head of Italy’s Senate committee on art and culture called on the government to limit cruise ships passing through the Venice lagoon after an alleged close call over the weekend reignited local fury and fears of a disaster like the Costa Concordia crash off Tuscany last year that killed 32 people. “After the tragedy of the Concordia, there is still a safety risk tied to the passage of large ships. Especially in Venice, there is an intolerable risk percentage. The government must apply (changes) immediately,” said Andrea Marcucci. On Saturday witnesses reported that the 100,000-ton Carnival Sunshine passed within 20 meters of the Riva Dei Sette Martiri waterfront, not far from St Mark’s Square.

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Carnival Corp drafts in PR heavyweight

A public relations heavyweight has been drafted in as Carnival Corporation seeks to rebuild a reputation tarnished by last year’s Costa Concordia tragedy and a series of mishaps to Carnival Cruise Lines ships since February.

Former American Airlines top PR executive Roger Frizzell (pictured) has taken the newly created position of senior vice president of corporate communications. He joins the world’s largest cruise conglomerate on Monday (June 24).

Carnival Corp drafts in PR heavyweight Travel weekly

Is $500 Enough for Enduring Cruise from Hell?

The cruise line didn’t explain. In situations involving refunds and compensation for travelers, there usually isn’t much explanation. So you’ve survived for five days stranded at sea aboard the Carnival Triumph. The ship had no working toilets, sewage dripped from walls, and the whole place smelled “like a hot port-o-potty.” Here’s $500 for your troubles. Last week, after the Triumph was finally tugged into Alabama and passengers kissed solid ground in relief, Carnival announced that all passengers on the ship—which was hit with a fire in an engine room and left without power in the Gulf of Mexico—would receive some compensation. The offer included a full refund for the cruise and travel expenses, reimbursement for nearly everything they spent on board the ship, a credit good toward a future cruise, plus a check for $500.

Should I Buy Carnival?

Who doesn’t remember the Costa Concordia disaster, which killed 32 people in Jan. 2012? That was swiftly followed by a blaze on board sister liner Costa Allegra, which knocked out the power supply. Companies take time to recover from that kind of brand damage. Worse, the mishaps have continued this year — with three cruise liners all suffering technical problems

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Carnival CEO comes under Congressional heat

Sen. Jay Rockefeller is outraged by what he sees as Carnival’s abuse of the loopholes in the tax system. However, Carnival has said they pay all the taxes they are required to. Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, told Rock Center’s Harry Smith that he regards Carnival “very poorly” as a corporate citizen. Rock Center commissioned S&P Capital IQ to look into Carnival’s taxes and their team found that on billions of dollars in profits over five years, Carnival paid only .6 percent taxes. But Rockefeller believes that Carnival’s extremely low tax rate — while legal — is “disgusting” because of its frequent use of government services.

Second Carnival Cruise Ship Having Trouble at Sea

ABC News ‎-
Another day, another Carnival cruise ship is having issues. The company announced late Thursday night that the Carnival Legend, currently off the coast of Honduras, is unable to sail at its optimal speed because of a technical problem, forcing the ship to cut short passengers’ vacation. The Carnival Legend has canceled its visit to Grand Cayman today so it can immediately return to its homeport in Tampa Bay, Fla., according to a news release. The Legend is on the last leg of a seven-day Caribbean cruise that departed Tampa March 10.

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Another Carnival Cruise ship malfunctions at sea, the second time this week. Passengers on The Carnival Legend won’t be able to stop at the Grand Cayman Islands, due to technical issues with the ship’s thrusters. The beleaguered cruise company’s Carnival Dream was also plagued with troubles earlier this week. NY Daily News
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Executive Claims CARNIVAL TRIUMPH, CARNIVAL are the tip of the iceberg.

eReleases (press release)
American Flagship Executive Claims CARNIVAL TRIUMPH, CARNIVAL SPLENDOR and Even COSTA CONCORDIA Are But “Tip of the Iceberg”. NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — World City America Inc. President Stephanie Gallagher asks when will U.S. politicians and reporters ask the right questions about this NON-U.S. industry? American passengers account for over 90 percent of the revenues earned by over 150 foreign-flag cruise ships sailing out of U.S. ports. It’s a $40 BILLION-a-year industry that competes unfairly with American hotels, resorts, casinos and convention facilities. “Unfairly” because it is exempt from U.S. safety, environmental and labor regulations. It DOES NOT pay U.S. corporate taxes on its profits, and it is not required to hire American officers or crew.
American Flagship Executive Claims CARNIVAL TRIUMPH, CARNIVAL SPLENDOR and Even COSTA CONCORDIA Are But “Tip of the Iceberg” ereleases
Interview with Alberto- Rescuer of the Costa Concordia Passengers … Capturing