‘They Slaughter Us Like Sheep’ Shipwreck Passengers’ Frantic Calls Played in Court

Chilling recordings of frantic phone calls made by passengers of the Costa Concordia to emergency service as the cruise liner was capsizing have been played for the first time in an Italian court.

In tapes played by lawyers for the victims at the trial against captain Francesco Schettino in Grosseto, Tuscany, disoriented passengers were heard crying for help and directions as the ship was plunging deeper into the waters off the island of Giglio.

“Help us please, they don’t tell us anything; we have children, I’ve little kids; help us,” a passenger was herd telling an operator with Italy’s emergency number 112. “We can’t see a thing; the ship is going down more and more.”

“They slaughter us like sheep; send somebody, hurry up,” the man said in another call minutes later. “They don’t want to launch lifeboats; the ship is slanting.”

‘They Slaughter Us Like Sheep’ Shipwreck Passengers’ Frantic Calls Played in Court IBT

Research Ship MV Akademik Shokalskiyand Icebreakers Iced In at South Pole

Maybe you heard about the three icebreakers going to the rescue of the Russian passenger ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy stuck in frozen Antarctican waters with 74 researchers, crew and tourists aboard. They got hit by 50 knot winds and a blizzard Monday, are frozen about 100 miles east of Dumont D’urville, and the first expected to arrive is expected to be the Chinese Snow Dragon. The ice is about ten feet thick in places.

The iced-in Russian ship usually keeps to open waters, but is following the path of explorer Sir Douglas Mawson a century ago, and conducting the same experiments as that crew. The blizzard came up unexpectedly. The ship still runs, and is provisioned to feed the passengers. Now they’ve been stuck since Monday December 23rd.

Now, six miles away, the Snow dragon is stuck in the ice. The French Icebreaker Astrolabe is looking like it may be stuck too. And the The Aurora Australis is two days away.

If you want to follow their progress firsthand, journalists aboard are tweeting from @alokjha, @loztopham, and @GdnAntarctica.

What is a little ironic, (or not, if they start to get claustrophobic) is that an Australian climate change professor is in charge of a ship is full of climate experts studying the effects of climate change. From here in sunny California we could have saved them a pretty penny. It looks like the prognosis on the south pole is this: Still cold out there.

Crippled cruise ship secured to Ala. terminal after breaking loose; shipyard

MOBILE, Ala. – The crippled cruise ship whose sewage-filled breakdown in the Gulf of Mexico subjected thousands to horrendous conditions tore loose Wednesday from the dock where it’s being repaired, lumbered downriver and crunched into a cargo ship. Tug boats maneuver around the Carnival cruise ship Triumph as she rests against a dock on the east side of the Mobile River after becoming dislodged from its mooring at BAE Shipyard during high winds Wednesday.Wind gusts near hurricane strength shoved the 900-foot Carnival Triumph free from its mooring in downtown Mobile, Ala., where the ship was brought in a five-day ordeal that began when an engine fire stranded it off of Mexico in February. Hours later, four tug boats used several mooring lines to secure the ship to the cruise terminal.A 20-foot gash about 2 to 3 feet wide was visible about halfway up the hull from the water and it wrapped partway around the stern. Underneath the gashed area, two levels of railing were dangling and broken. Electric cables that had been plugged in on shore were dangling from the port — or left — side of the ship. Carnival said damage, though, was limited.

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