Nat Geo greenlights Costa Concordia documentary

National Geographic Channels International has ordered a one-off special that follows the recovery of sunken Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia.

The Raising of the Costa Concordia will launch on NGCI channels later this month.

The Windfall Films-produced doc will look at the engineering feats necessary to raise, re-float and tow away the ship, which capsized on the Italian island of Giglio in 2012 at the cost of 32 lives.

Windfall has been following 500 engineers, divers, welders and crane operators since that point to capture what NGCI describes as “one of the greatest engineering feats ever undertaken”.

“For almost two years, Windfall Films’ cameras have been following the project to re-float the Costa Concordia – close up…

Nat Geo greenlights Costa Concordia doce TBI Vision

Solutions needed to stop sea disasters

Solutions needed to stop sea disasters
The loss of Costa Concordia and more recently the Malaysian ferry disaster have highlighted the difficulty of launching and boarding lifeboats once a vessel has started to list or sink.

In the Costa Concordia’s case, as boats were being lowered ready to be boarded, the list (tilt) of the ship caused a gap between the lifeboats and the ship. Passengers had difficulty crossing this gap. Given that the boats are lowered from a height of about 20ft above the water, even those accustomed to height might find it intimidating.

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