Protestors target Concordia

The international protest group says the five-day voyage to the Italian port is a “potential environmental disaster”.

Greenpeace Italy claims the voyage to Genoa is fraught with danger because of the risk that toxic fluids still in the wreck could leak into the marine environment.

“We cannot permit another environmental disaster,” Luca Lacoboni, of Greenpeace Italy told UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

Protestors target Concordia Tradewinds

Safety tough to achieve where people are involved

Many think having two tugs escorting every oil tanker, plus meticulously certified crews, will make tanker traffic in narrow B.C. coastal inlets a safe activity.

Before believing that story, the following should be thought about: According to the B.C. Maritime Museum Graveyard of the Pacific website: “Human error is a factor in almost every shipwreck situation.” Notable ships to sink due to human error: The Queen of the North in 2006 when bridge staff ignored navigation equipment. The cruise ship Costa Concordia that ran aground off the coast of Italy in 2012.

Safety tough to achieve where people are involved The Vancouver Sun

Cruise ship scare in Venice

Carnival Sunshine comes ‘dangerously close’ to shore.

The head of Italy’s Senate committee on art and culture called on the government to limit cruise ships passing through the Venice lagoon after an alleged close call over the weekend reignited local fury and fears of a disaster like the Costa Concordia crash off Tuscany last year that killed 32 people. “After the tragedy of the Concordia, there is still a safety risk tied to the passage of large ships. Especially in Venice, there is an intolerable risk percentage. The government must apply (changes) immediately,” said Andrea Marcucci. On Saturday witnesses reported that the 100,000-ton Carnival Sunshine passed within 20 meters of the Riva Dei Sette Martiri waterfront, not far from St Mark’s Square.

Senators call for action after cruise Gazetta del Sud
Call for action after cruise ship scare in Venice UPI
UNESCO asks Italy to limit access of cruise ships to Venice after Costa Concordia disaster Daily Mail
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Good to Go

According to The Parbuckling Project, the water condition in the island of Giglio is good. The people of Giglio received this positive news from the Observatory on the recovery of the Costa Concordia during the last, periodic information meeting on the progress of operations for the removal of the wreck.

Such findings are the result of research studies conducted by authoritative study groups composed of Arpat, Ispra and by the Universities of Florence, Pisa, Rome, Cagliari and the Politecnico of Marche.
Scientific data shows that, despite the presence of the wreck, the sea state is no different from the rest of the island waters and from the sea water of Tuscany.

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