Costa Concordia survivors John and Mandy Rodford seeking £1m in damages

  • John and Mandy Rodford from Rochester, Kent, were on dream Italian cruise
  • But fourth wedding anniversary celebration in 2012 ended in nightmare
  • They revealed their trauma at trial of ship’s captain Francesco Schettino
  • Hearing in Grosseto told the couple are each suing firm for a million Euros
  • Mrs Rodford: ‘Costa needs to suffer as we have – we almost lost our lives’

John and Mandy Rodford were among the last passengers to be plucked to safety from the stricken Costa Concordia, which struck rocks hours after leaving port for a seven-day Mediterranean cruise.

Both attended the trial today of the luxury liner’s captain Francesco Schettino, who is accused of multiple manslaughter and causing the disaster which cost the lives of 32 people – with one body still to be found.

Costa Concordia survivors John and Mandy Rodford seeking £1m in damages Daily Mail

Costa Concordia: Even More Human Remains Found

Even more human remains may have been uncovered in the Costa Concordia wreckage. Divers found what is believed to be more human remains, just a week after other remains were found. The head of Italy’s civil protection said more remains were found which may belong to thr last two missing victims of the January 2012 disaster in which 32 people were killed when the ship capsized off the coast of Italy. “Other remains have also been found and are currently undergoing DNA tests,” the agency’s chief Franco Gabrielli said according to the Toronto Sun. “We are waiting for the results of the analysis,” he said.

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Relatives of missing face agonising wait

The relatives of the two people still missing from the Costa Concordia disaster embarked on a heart-wrenching wait for the discovery of their remains today, a day after the giant cruise ship was hauled upright. The clouds of sediment will have to settle, and the badly mangled starboard side of the ship inspected, before divers and other searchers can enter. “I hope that they will be able to make the ship secure quickly and then find my mother’s body,” Stefania Vincenzi, the 18-year-old daughter of Mrs Trecarichi, told The Daily Telegraph in her first interview with a British newspaper, as she looked at the wreck, half covered in brown algae…

Costa Concordia: Relatives of missing face agonising wait

A Concordia passenger answers questions

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t on the Concordia, my parents and sister were, I will collect the questions and give them to my mother to answer (you may direct questions at my dad too, I don’t know if he will answer them though, and my sister will NOT be answering questions).
How do you feel towards captain Schettino? Any anger? How was the evacuation going?
*”I feel very angry towards Schettino because he brought me, my family and all the passengers in danger.”

*”The evacuation was more like every man from himself, all of the senior crew member escaped the ship and all the work about the evacuation had fallen in the hands of the manual labor part of the crew (i.e. waiters, servers, line cooks and similar) which preformed good but there were just too many people for them to handle.”
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Cruise Bookings on the Rise in 2012 Despite Costa Concordia Incident

Despite the deadly crash of the Costa Concordia in January, cruise lines have seen an increase in bookings in 2012. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) found that there has actually been an increase in cruise bookings this year. After polling travel agents, the group found that more than half of them reported an increase in cruise sales. Twenty-five percent of the travel agents said that the number of cruise booking was similar to last year.
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Costa Concordia. Identified the two French Victims

San Francisco Luxury News
Mylène Litzler and his companion, Mickaël Blemand were identified. Two months to the day after the tragedy of the Costa Concordia, the hope is vanishing for the relatives and Mylène and Mickaël. The two French nationals are among the seven victims of the sinking of the liner unlikely, officially identified on Tuesday. Besides the young couple from Sarcelles, there are three German, Elizsabeth Bauer, and Burnhild Werp Margrit Schroeter, an Italian, Arlotti William and his five year old girl, Dayana. Mylène Litzler, 23, and his companion Mickaël Blémand, 25, had boarded the Costa Concordia Sunday, January 8 at Toulon for a cruise of a week – their first trip abroad. On 13 January, the ship made a detour to the island of Giglio off Tuscany, to achieve a maneuver known as “inchino”, a hello to the people by sounding the siren passing nearby. Too close. The ship was only 150 meters against strict minimum of 500 from the coast when it struck rocks which opened a long breach in the hull.Tthe evening of the tragedy, the parents of Mylène Litzler, Alain and Brigitte had received a text message at 23:15 telling them their daughter “they would take life jackets and get into the canoes.” Relatives learned the sad news in the press when the ANSA news agency revealed on Tuesday mid-day results, provided by the Prefecture of Grosseto (central Italy) carried out DNA tests on the eight bodies found Feb. 22 in the submerged ship.

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