Philippine Ferry sinks out of Ormoc, Casualties Mount

Kim Nirvana, a Philippine ferry was a motor banca, a large canoe-shaped boat. Today it rolled to one side when it reversed course after backing out of Ormoc pier, and capsized, killing at least 38 of those aboard the 33-tonne, wooden-hulled vessel. There were officially 173 passengers and 16 crew members aboard.

It sank fast. By afternoon, only a small section of the underbelly could be seen above water. As rescuers found passengers clinging to the hull and swimming for land, they pulled survivors from the sea and carried them ashore in rubber dinghys. They are continuing to search the deep water where this happened 656 feet from the shore.

At least 118 survivors have been rescued. There are perhaps 38 dead and 33 missing
, but the numbers are changing. EMTs put the injured on stretchers; 53 were hospitalized. Over two dozen passengers walked home. Relatives of the missing are standing by.

Kim Nirvana’s destination was Pilar Island. Authorities wonder how the accident happened in calm waters, Was the ferry Unbalanced? Overbooked? navigational error? The investigation will tell.

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Ferry Capsizes in Bangladesh

Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015, a double-decker river ferry carrying up to 140 passengers capsized Sunday after being hit by a cargo vessel 25 miles NW of Dhaka, Bangladesh The cargo vessel impacted at the Daulatdia-Paturia crossing on the Padma River. There were 48 immediate casualties reported. Those on the lower deck may have been trapped.

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Firefighters board Italian Ferry

Wearing gas masks against the smoke, Italian firefighters and investigators boarded the charred Norman Atlantic ferry on Friday, trying to find out what caused the deadly blaze and search for more possible bodies.

The badly damaged ferry was towed across the choppy Adriatic Sea for 17 hours before it docked Friday at the southern Italian port of Brindisi, where a second tug was tied to stabilize the wreck.

Firefighters board Italian Ferry

One Dead, Hundreds Stranded on “Norman Atlantic,” Italian Car Ferry run by a Greek ferry company

Hundreds of passengers and crew endured a second night of smoke, frigid temperatures and gale-force winds as they waited to be evacuated from a burning ferry adrift early Monday in rough seas between Italy and Albania. At least one person died and two were injured in the risky rescue operation.

The Italian coast guard said 201 of the 478 people on the ferry, sailing from the Greek port of Patras to Ancona in Italy, had been evacuated by early Monday. Most were airlifted by helicopter to other merchant vessels sailing nearby, though a few were flown to hospitals in southern Italy to be treated for hypothermia.

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Victim’s body found from sunken South Korean ferry

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The first body found in three months was being recovered Tuesday from the sunken South Korean ferry, increasing the official death toll to 295, officials said.

The government task force said in a statement the body was found around a women’s toilet in the ship. The badly decayed body was being pulled up to the surface and DNA tests were planned to identify the victim, according to task force officials.

Victim’s body found from sunken South Korean ferry

Ferry service resumes after car plunges off dock

A crash froze ferry runs for Friday night when a 60-year-old Belfair man died crashing through the Southworth Ferry Dock barricade, driving himself into the bay.The sheriffs office got calls just after 6 pm friday about the SUV at 32 mph. The drowning/crash victim was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma. Washington State Ferries say ferry service has resumed.

Ferry service resumes after car plunges off dock Komonews

Expert view on prospects for salvage operations on Korean Ferry

Let’s try getting a better sense of what’s to come in terms of search, rescue, and salvage operations down off Korea’s southwestern coast.
For that, Captain Nicholas Sloane joins us live on the line from Italy.
Nicholas Sloane is a marine master with over 30 years of experience and was in charge of salvage operations of the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship off Italy.
Captain Sloane, thank you so much for joining us.

Let’s start with the search and rescue operations here in Korea, now in their tenth day.
Based on your expertise and experience in the field, which stage is the Korean rescue team at?
How does this case compare with the Costa Concordia case?

Expert view on prospects for salvage operations on Korean Ferry arirang
Why Doesn’t Wilful Misconduct Apply To Political Leaders? Sri Lanka Guardian

Chickens of the Sea

If there is something oddly familiar about the news that the erstwhile captain of the ill-fated South Korean ferry—which capsized and sank just a few hundred meters from dry land—botched the evacuation order and jumped ship before his passengers were safe, it’s because we’ve heard about this sort of maritime cowardice before. It happened in 2012, when Italian captain Francesco Schettino rammed his Costa Concordia luxury cruiseliner into the rocks off Giglio island. He, too, was among the first off the ship well in advance of the bulk of the passengers.

The two accidents are, of course, as different as night and day. The South Korean ferry captain, Lee Joon-Seok, was not on the bridge when his ferry took a tight turn, possibly capsizing because it had been loaded over capacity with heavy cargo.

South Korea’s Ferry Disaster Gives Us a New Cowardly Captain to Hate The Daily Beast

Korean Ferry Disaster Sucks Cruise Industry Back Into Controversy Cruise Law News

Titanic, Costa Concordia captains had hubris, not ferry captain

The terrible tragedy that is the sinking of the South Korean ferry ‘Sewol’ is being compared to the Costa Concordia tragedy and even the Titanic. But a large difference is that the captain of the South Korean ferry made errors, but not errors of hubris.
That, however, is the case of both the captain of the Costa Concordia and of the Titanic. But while South Korean President Park Geun-hye has called the actions of the captain of the Sewol “unforgivable, murderous behaviour” it was more stupidity than murderous, and certainly not arrogance.

Titanic, Costa Concordia captains had hubris, not ferry captain Digital Journal

Ferry rescues Couple in Big Foot Slough

John and Renee Hoffman of Black Mountain were sailing in Big Foot Slough on September 26 2013 when their boat capsized. Luckily, they were wearing their floatation devices.

After forty-five minutes in the water, they were rescued by a ferry run by Capt. Steven Goodwin, whose crew launched a sixteen foot rescue boat.

Glenn Salter and Daniel Smith pulled the Hoffmans from Pamlico Sound.