German victim’s family seeks $10m from cruise firm

Irish Times
The legal implications of the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia, in which 30 people died when the ship ran aground off the coast of Tuscany in January, were felt in Texas last weekend. A court in Galveston first seized, and later released, the cruise liner Carnival Triumph, which is owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, parent company of Costa Cruises, which sailed the Concordia. A $10 million dollar suit was filed against Carnival Cruise Lines by the relatives of a German woman, Siglinde Stumpf, who drowned in the shipwreck. Essentially, the suit aims to hold the parent company, Carnival, responsible for the inadequate safety procedures.

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Carnival Ship Released to Sail From Port as Deal Is Struck

A Carnival Corp. cruise liner was released to sail from a Texas port by a U.S. judge who ordered it seized yesterday in a lawsuit over a death in the Costa Concordia shipwreck off Italy. U.S. Magistrate Judge John Froeschner released the MS Carnival Triumph today from a seizure order holding the cruise liner in its home port of Galveston. 
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Passengers Tell of Chaos on Doomed Ship

Courthouse News Service
By MARIMER MATOS MIAMI (CN) – Passengers on the doomed Costa Concordia cruise ship, which crashed and sank off Italy, paint a picture of chaos, panic and deceit, in a complaint against Carnival Corporation, in Miami-Dade County Court.Hector Perez and eight other plaintiffs say the captain, who abandoned ship, waited almost an hour and a half after he knew the ship would sink before giving the order to evacuate. “The stories told by passengers who survived the ordeal were ones of chaos, lies, and abandonment – Concordia’s crew ignored her passengers, leaving only ‘chefs and waiters’ to help them survive – passengers were forced to jump into the freezing waters in an attempt to swim for shore,”

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Concordia, parola ai periti il 21 luglio Costa Crociere non sarà tra le parti offese

03/12/2012 – Il gip Valeria Montesarchio ha articolato in 50 dettagliati punti il quesito cui i tecnici dovranno rispondere esaminando la scatola nera. GROSSETO – Si è conclusa l’udienza per l’incidente probatorio sulla scatola nera della Costa Concordia. La prossima convocazione è per il 21 luglio con la relazione dei periti incaricati di rispondere ai quesiti proposti dal gip Valeria Montesarchio. Il giudice per le indagini preliminari Valeria Montesarchio ha articolato in 50 dettagliati punti il quesito cui i periti dovranno rispondere esaminando la scatola nera; il procuratore Francesco Verusio ha aggiunto, a sorpresa, a carico di Schettino e di parte dei co-indagati, la contestazione del reato di distruzione di habitat in sito protetto.

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Costa crew facing alleged settlement pressure

Financial Times
By Cynthia O’Murchu in London
Crew members who survived the deadly wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in January have felt pressure to accept cash settlements quickly in order to return to their jobs, lawyers advising on possible claims against the ship’s owners have told the Financial Times.Costa Crociere, the Carnival subsidiary that operated the Concordia, and Cruise Ships Catering International, a subsidiary that hired food and beverage workers, have offered crew members a payout for losses that also requires them to forfeit their right to claim psychological and physical distress from the wreck.

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Costa accused of bullying Concordia crew to accept compensation

Crew who survived the Costa Concordia tragedy have been offered cash settlements for the loss of their personal items on board the ship when it sank off the coast of Italy, as long as they waive their right to claim compensation for any physical harm or emotional trauma.According to a report in the Financial Times, the cash offer covers lost money and personal items up to a maximum of $3,750 (£2,383) and pay for the remainder of their contracts.

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Nexus Consulting Advocates for Cruise Passengers Before the US Senate

PR Web)
The Costa Concordia lost only 32 lives because a few passengers and crew members were able to call loved ones and report distress,” said Doherty in his oral Senate testimony. “We are today calling for legislation to mandate Passenger Distress Systems on cruise vessels, to empower passengers to alert outside rescue authorities if they feel their lives are in danger and are not sure proper distress messages were sent – for whatever reason – by ship’s personnel.”

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U-T San Diego
By GAIA PIANIGIANI NYT NEWS SERVICE Three experts tasked with studying the Costa Concordia’s recorded final moments
A court in Italy on Saturday appointed three experts tasked with studying the Costa Concordia’s black box and the cruise liner’s final movements before running aground near the island of Giglio on Jan. 13. At a preliminary hearing in the Italian city of Grosseto packed with survivors and lawyers, a university professor, a captain of the Italian navy and a coast guard admiral were given three months to supply judges with their expert report.

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