Remove Costa Concordia now, Italian minister says

Italy’s emergency commissioner urged the immediate removal of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia Thursday.
Franco Gabrielli said the cruise ship “must leave as soon as possible.” The ship sank after striking rocks off the coast of the island of Giglio in 2012, leading to the deaths of 32 people aboard and the continuing trial of its captain, Francesco Schittino,

Altero Matteoli, president of a public works commission, said the ship could be towed to the nearby port of Piombino for dismantling and disposal, instead of towing it to Genoa, as the original plan suggested.

Remove Costa Concordia now, Italian minister says UPI

Clini arrested for ‘misappropriating 3.4 mn in State funds’

A police report Monday said Former environment minister Corrado Clini, under house arrest on graft charges, misappropriated 3.4 million euros in public funds for a water treatment project in Iraq. Police placed the 67-year-old under arrest earlier Monday along with Padua engineer Augusto Calore Pretner for alleged graft. His time in office was marked by his handling of the environmental disaster surrounding the fatal January 2012 sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, the remains of which still rest off the coast of the Tuscan island of Giglio.

Clini arrested for ‘misappropriating 3.4 mn in State funds’ Gazetta Del Sud Online

Carnival CEO comes under Congressional heat

Sen. Jay Rockefeller is outraged by what he sees as Carnival’s abuse of the loopholes in the tax system. However, Carnival has said they pay all the taxes they are required to. Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, told Rock Center’s Harry Smith that he regards Carnival “very poorly” as a corporate citizen. Rock Center commissioned S&P Capital IQ to look into Carnival’s taxes and their team found that on billions of dollars in profits over five years, Carnival paid only .6 percent taxes. But Rockefeller believes that Carnival’s extremely low tax rate — while legal — is “disgusting” because of its frequent use of government services.

Carnival Stepped Up Lobbying After Costa Concordia Disaster

After the Costa Concordia wrecked off the Tuscany coast in January, killing 32 people, lobby spending by its corporate parent soared. Carnival’s lobby bill in Washington last quarter totaled $522,000 – three times the amount spent the prior quarter. In its lobby reports to Congress, the company listed three areas of concern: unearned passenger revenue (advance payments for voyages), emission control and cruise ship safety.
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