Experts board Concordia to look for more clues

Experts have boarded the Costa Concordia cruise liner to investigate whether there is more to the ship’s sinking than is contained in the prosecutors’ case against its captain.

A team on Thursday examined the bridge and elevators of the ship, which sank Jan. 13, 2012, killing 32 people, and was righted on site in September. Experts are trying to determine if any factors beyond human error contributed to the shipwreck, and next month they will examine the emergency generators.

A judge granted a request for the onboard investigation sought by Capt. Francesco Schettino’s defense and a consumer group representing victims.

Experts board Concordia to look for more clues Boston Com

Costa Concordia to Be Refloated before Summer World Maritime News

Shipwrecked Costa Concordia To Be Removed In June

The Costa Concordia cruise ship wreck will start its final phase of an unprecedented $817 million salvage effort in June when it will be taken off Tuscany and moved off to a port to be disassembled, the Associated Press reported.

The timetable and the rundown of what would be needed for the ship to be refloated again was provided by Italy’s civil protection chief and Costa Crociere officials at a news conference on Friday.

The conference was held just days before the second anniversary of the ship’s January 13, 2012, grounding that killed 32 people, the AP reported. Piombino, Genoa, Palermo and Civitavecchia are some of the ports that are bidding to take in the wreck and dismantle it for scrap. Ports in France, Turkey, Britain and even China are also bidding for the job.

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Concordia wreck to be examined

THE wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner is to be inspected for the first time since its fatal 2012 accident, after an Italian judge agreed to let experts climb aboard to collect fresh evidence.

On January 23, a delegation is to inspect the bridge of the vessel to check for any remaining electronic apparatus and to look at the on-board lifts.

Four days later, the experts are to return to the ship to inspect the emergency generator, which failed to activate on the night of the disaster. The dates might change, however, in case of bad weather.

Costa Concordia cruise liner could be re-floated by June

The shipwrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner could be re-floated by June 2014, the engineer overseeing the long-delayed salvage operation off the Italian island of Giglio said on Saturday.

He said giant tanks that will help float the ship will be fixed to its side by April, mirroring the ones already welded to the other side before the 290-metre (951-foot) ship was dragged upright in September.

“This would allow us to re-float the ship by June,” Franco Porcellacchia told local residents on Giglio

Costa Concordia cruise liner could be re-floated by June Zee News

Costa Concordia Wreck: Winter Weather

Works to increase stability of the uprighted, but still grounded, wreck are in progress at Giglio island as winter approaches.

Adverse weather conditions registered recently, have caused minor movements of the wreck, considered by engineers as settlement on the false seabed, confirm the need to move forward with the so-called winterization measures to further stabilize the wreck for the winter.

The Commissioner for the Concordia emergency Franco Gabrielli, the Chairman of the Observatory Maria Sargentini, Mayor Sergio Ortelli and representatives from Costa and Titan Micoperi, met with the population of Giglio to update them on activities planned and ongoing.

Three winterization precautions were explained:

Costa Concordia Wreck: Winter Weather Marine Link

Costa Concordia to be removed by massive Dutch transport ship

A Dutch salvage firm, Royal Boskalis NV said on Thursday they’ve won a $30 million contract to remove the Costa Concordia. The Italian cruise ship partially sunk 300 metres off of the shore of Giglio Island in the Tuscan Bay on Jan. 13, 2012.

Royal Boskalis NV plans to remove the Costa Concordia next summer by use of their giant ship, the Dockwise Vanguard, normally used for transporting oil platforms. The 114,000 ton Costa Concordia partially sunk when a hole was torn into its hull after it hit a reef.

Dockwise Vanguard to remove Costa Concordia
The largest semi-submersible ship in the world, the Dockwise Vanguard has a flat deck that is 275 metres by 70 metres and is designed to carry extremely heavy and large loads. It fills ballast tanks with water and operates while sitting below water level.
“When the ballast tanks are flooded, the ship deck submerges below the surface, allowing her to handle deep draught cargoes,” a Royal Boskalis press release reads. “Once the Dockwise Vanguard is semi-submersed, the floating Concordia will be brought in position above the deck and as the ballast tanks are emptied, the entire ship, including the Costa Concordia, is brought above the water line, allowing her to transport the cargo in a safe and swift manner.”

Costa Concordia to be removed by massive Dutch transport ship Digital Journal
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World’s biggest submersible will carry Costa Concordia

A Dutch salvage firm has won a £20 million contract to remove the wreckage of Costa Concordia from the Italian island of Giglio. The cruise ship, which was raised upright in a complicated operation last month, will be carried on Dockwise Vanguard, the world’s largest semi-submersible ship.

The vessel, more used to transporting oil platforms, has a flat deck measuring 900 feet by 230 feet and is raised and lowered by filling ballast tanks with water.

World’s biggest submersible will carry Costa Concordia Mirror

Costa Concordia wreck can be lifted by huge salvage vessel

The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship could be loaded aboard a colossal salvage vessel after a deal was struck with a Dutch company, according to BBC News.

The Dockwise Vanguard, capable of picking up oil rigs, has been recruited as an option to move the ship. The vessel can sink under the Concordia then rise up to lift it clear of the water before sailing it to be scrapped.

Some 32 people died after the Concordia ran aground with more than 4,000 passengers and crew in January 2012.

Salvage teams moved the ship to an upright position last month, enabling divers to find the remains of one of two people who were still unaccounted for.

Costa Concordia wreck can be lifted by huge salvage vessel Pan Armenian

Costa Concordia to be Piggy-backed Away

Dockwise, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) has been awarded the contract to load and transport the lifted ‘Costa Concordia’ wreck from Isola del Giglio onboard the ‘Dockwise Vanguard’. The contract was awarded by Costa Crociere S.p.A. In a unique operation the Costa Concordia can be loaded as a whole onto the Dockwise Vanguard and safely transported to a location where she can be scrapped. The client has yet to make a decision in agreement with the local authorities on the final destination. Alternatives under review include scrapping the vessel in Italy.As part of the contract, certain modifications will be made to the Dockwise Vanguard to accommodate the loading of the Concordia in her current state. The operation is planned to take place around mid-2014 and contract value of the work scope as described amounts to approximately USD 30 million.

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