Cruise news: Royal Princess(es) a year-old memory

I haven’t talked about the ill-fated Costa Concordia for some time. The saga is about to come to an end.

Genoa is where the ship will be towed starting on July 20. It will be dismantled there and some parts will be recycled. Why Genoa with so many other bidders? Probably because Costa is headquartered there. The contract is worth $100 million.

I’ll bet Costa will be happy to see the end of the ship that still sits near the shore of the Island of Giglio.

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Aging Tuscan Port Vies to Dismantle Costa Concordia

PIOMBINO, Italy — Workers are hurriedly revamping the aged port in this smoggy Tuscan city, trucking in boulders to construct and fortify jetties, and enlarging its facilities to refit and dismantle ships. They are scheduled to dredge and deepen the harbor next month.

The work, part of a $154 million restoration that Piombino hopes will stop the port’s decline, has grown and taken on new urgency as the city competes to lure a special guest: the 950-foot-long wreck of the Costa Concordia, the cruise liner that hit a rock and capsized about 40 miles south of here two years ago.

The hulk is to be broken up for scrap, and the question of who will do the job and where it will be done is the latest chapter of a story that has moved from national shame — 32 people died in the wreck while the captain fled in a lifeboat — to engineering triumph, after a spectacular parbuckling operationturned the 114,500-ton ship back upright in September.

Aging Tuscan Port Vies to Dismantle Costa Concordia Slinking Toward Retirement

Preparations for Costa Concordia refloating begin

The first of the 19 sponsons that will be installed on the Costa Concordia in preparation for the refloating of the submerged cruise ship arrived this morning in Giglio Island, Italy.

The 810-ton, 33.5-meter wide, 11.5-meter high sponson will be one of 14 new sponsons positioned on the starboard side. Another four will be installed on the ship’s port side. The sponson has electrical-pneumatic systems and strand jacks that reach a height of more than 20 meters and depth of 10.5 meters. It will be positioned as soon as the operation will be authorized. These new sponsons are will be the last of a total of 30 needed to refloat the wreck.

Preparations for Costa Concordia refloating begin Marinelog

Shipwreck off Italy must be removed soon

An Italian official is pressing for the speedy removal of the shipwrecked cruise liner, the Costa Concordia, warning that the hulk may break up in winter storms.

Franco Gabrielli, head of the removal efforts, told residents of the tiny Mediterranean island of Giglio on Monday that the ship must be towed by September at the latest. Gabrielli says another winter’s worth of storms may damage the ship to such an extent that towing won’t be possible.

He pressed various national, regional and local authorities to move forward on plans.

Shipwreck off Italy must be removed soon

Tuscany to help family of diver Israel Franco Moreno killed on Concordia job

The Tuscany regional government said Tuesday that it is offering financial assistance to the family of a diver who was killed while working on the wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner. Israel Franco Moreno, 42, of Spain died Saturday while assisting with the salvage operation of the Costa Concordia, which killed 32 people when it crashed on rocks and sank in January 2012 off the Tuscan coast near Grossetto. Hundreds were injured in the shipwreck and since the disaster, efforts have been made to refloat the stricken liner so it can be towed away for salvage after it was set upright in September. An investigation is continuing but it is believed that Moreno, while trying to attack floatation tanks to the Concordia wreck, cut his leg and bled to death, despite efforts by his diving partner to get him to the surface and waiting paramedics.

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Shipwrecked Costa Concordia To Be Removed In June

The Costa Concordia cruise ship wreck will start its final phase of an unprecedented $817 million salvage effort in June when it will be taken off Tuscany and moved off to a port to be disassembled, the Associated Press reported.

The timetable and the rundown of what would be needed for the ship to be refloated again was provided by Italy’s civil protection chief and Costa Crociere officials at a news conference on Friday.

The conference was held just days before the second anniversary of the ship’s January 13, 2012, grounding that killed 32 people, the AP reported. Piombino, Genoa, Palermo and Civitavecchia are some of the ports that are bidding to take in the wreck and dismantle it for scrap. Ports in France, Turkey, Britain and even China are also bidding for the job.

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Safety tough to achieve where people are involved

Many think having two tugs escorting every oil tanker, plus meticulously certified crews, will make tanker traffic in narrow B.C. coastal inlets a safe activity.

Before believing that story, the following should be thought about: According to the B.C. Maritime Museum Graveyard of the Pacific website: “Human error is a factor in almost every shipwreck situation.” Notable ships to sink due to human error: The Queen of the North in 2006 when bridge staff ignored navigation equipment. The cruise ship Costa Concordia that ran aground off the coast of Italy in 2012.

Safety tough to achieve where people are involved The Vancouver Sun

Costa Concordia Wreck Removal

A meeting of Giglio residents heard that the Condordia is stable: after the minor movements registered in the 15 days following the parbuckling operation the wreck has settled on the platform and seabed. Since then, the monitoring systems active 24/7 have not indicated any significant movement.

Present at the meeting with Giglio residents were Maria Sargentini, Chairman of the Observatory, Sergio Ortelli, Mayor of Giglio, and Franco Porcellacchia, coordinator of the Concordia wreck removal project for Costa Crociere.

The meeting also was informed that In the Livorno and Genoa shipyards, work is in progress to prepare the 15 sponsons that will be positioned on the starboard side (land side) and the remaining 4 on the right side (sea side) in order to proceed with the refloating phase and have the wreck ready for towing by the end of June 2014.

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Costa Concordia Wreck: Winter Weather

Works to increase stability of the uprighted, but still grounded, wreck are in progress at Giglio island as winter approaches.

Adverse weather conditions registered recently, have caused minor movements of the wreck, considered by engineers as settlement on the false seabed, confirm the need to move forward with the so-called winterization measures to further stabilize the wreck for the winter.

The Commissioner for the Concordia emergency Franco Gabrielli, the Chairman of the Observatory Maria Sargentini, Mayor Sergio Ortelli and representatives from Costa and Titan Micoperi, met with the population of Giglio to update them on activities planned and ongoing.

Three winterization precautions were explained:

Costa Concordia Wreck: Winter Weather Marine Link

Firm Weighing Options for Removing Costa Concordia

Costa Crociere and Dockwise, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., have signed a contract valued at about $30 million that ensures the world’s largest semi-submersible ship will be available when the uprighted Costa Concordia is refloated next year so it can be removed from Giglio island. Costa Crociere, the cruise line, is still considering several options for moving it, according to the company’s latest news release, but the semi-submersible’s owner reported the contract calls for that ship to do the removal.

Firm Weighing Options for Removing Costa Concordia OHS