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According to The Parbuckling Project, the water condition in the island of Giglio is good. The people of Giglio received this positive news from the Observatory on the recovery of the Costa Concordia during the last, periodic information meeting on the progress of operations for the removal of the wreck.

Such findings are the result of research studies conducted by authoritative study groups composed of Arpat, Ispra and by the Universities of Florence, Pisa, Rome, Cagliari and the Politecnico of Marche.
Scientific data shows that, despite the presence of the wreck, the sea state is no different from the rest of the island waters and from the sea water of Tuscany.

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Cruise Industry’s Reputation Continues To Sink Months After Carnival Triumph

Consumers have wide-ranging questions of quality standards and shipboard safety following a series of high-profile accidents starting with Costa Concordia in January 2012 and culminating (though not concluding) with Carnival Triumph this February. A new poll of 2,052 U.S. adults, conducted between May 14-16 (prior to the recent fire aboard Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas), shows that perceptions of the industry’s top brands haven’t only remained below their pre-incident levels, they’ve fallen lower.

Cruise Industry’s Reputation Continues To Sink Months After Carnival Triumph

Safety First: Cruise ships are safer than ever

Since the Costa Concordia disaster in early 2012 cruise ship safety has become a major topic in public debate. When one of these gigantic vessels gets into trouble, the number of people who need to be evacuated is equivalent to the population of an entire village. If worse comes to worst, evacuation has to be accomplished at night, in bad weather, and as rapidly as possible.

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Executive Claims CARNIVAL TRIUMPH, CARNIVAL are the tip of the iceberg.

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American Flagship Executive Claims CARNIVAL TRIUMPH, CARNIVAL SPLENDOR and Even COSTA CONCORDIA Are But “Tip of the Iceberg”. NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — World City America Inc. President Stephanie Gallagher asks when will U.S. politicians and reporters ask the right questions about this NON-U.S. industry? American passengers account for over 90 percent of the revenues earned by over 150 foreign-flag cruise ships sailing out of U.S. ports. It’s a $40 BILLION-a-year industry that competes unfairly with American hotels, resorts, casinos and convention facilities. “Unfairly” because it is exempt from U.S. safety, environmental and labor regulations. It DOES NOT pay U.S. corporate taxes on its profits, and it is not required to hire American officers or crew.
American Flagship Executive Claims CARNIVAL TRIUMPH, CARNIVAL SPLENDOR and Even COSTA CONCORDIA Are But “Tip of the Iceberg” ereleases
Interview with Alberto- Rescuer of the Costa Concordia Passengers … Capturing

U.S. Coast Guard Participates in Costa Concordia

The U.S. Coast Guard, joined by the National Transportation Safety Board, will be part of an Italian-led marine casualty investigation into the January 2012 grounding and partial sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy. The incident left 32 people dead, including two Americans. Evidence, timeline, analysis, conclusion(s), recommendations and a draft report are to be formalized over the next few months of the investigation. The Coast Guard places the highest priority on the safety of passenger vessels, including those domestic and foreign vessels that embark passengers in the United States and embark U.S. passengers world-wide, ensuring they are in compliance with applicable international and domestic safety standards.

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