Carnival update cruise training after Costa Concordia

Carnival Cruise Line is looking to improve safety for cruise passengers by improving the training of crew, and this move comes after a number of incidents and of course the Costa Concordia disaster that saw a captain brought into the spotlight after questionable choices.

The sinking of Costa Concordia cost a number of cruise lines a lot of money through people not spending on cruise holidays, only a small percentage that were worried after the incident, so Carnival Corp. plan on spending millions of dollars to restore confidence in crew, cruises and to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Carnival update cruise training after Costa Concordia Cruise Ship News

Carnival Triples Crew Training to Prevent More Sea Mishaps

Carnival Corp. (CCL:US), moving to improve safety following accidents that cost the world’s largest cruise operator tens of millions of dollars, will triple its crew-training capacity with a new facility in the Netherlands.

The company agreed to buy land in Almere for the $50 million project, scheduled to open in 2016, according to Captain Hans Hederstrom, managing director of the company’s Center for Simulator Maritime Training. The complex will have four bridge and engine room simulations, enough to accommodate all of Carnival’s 4,000 deck officers and engineers annually.

“We can increase training, spend more time on simulators and do research and development,” Hederstrom, who is based in Almere, said in a telephone interview.

Carnival has increased its focus on safety following incidents that included the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia off the Italian coast in January 2012 that killed 32 people. The company is spending $700 million to boost fire prevention measures and backup generator capacity on its ships.

Carnival Triples Crew Training to Prevent More Sea Mishaps Bloomburg Businessweek