Titanic ‘smaller than people think’

Despite its popular image of vastness the Titanic was no bigger than a modern North Sea ferry.

The doomed liner was the largest ship afloat when it was completed in 1912, but a gas processing vessel to be finished in 2016 will be six and a half times its size and some giant cruise ships are almost five times bigger than Titanic.

Paul Stott, a senior lecturer at Newcastle University’s School of Marine Science and Technology, raised the issue because it has a relevance to another, more recent disaster, the loss of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy two years ago.

Reports of the ongoing salvage operation frequently refer to the vessel being around twice as large of the Titanic, he said in the Mariner’s Mirror journal.

Titanic ‘smaller than people think’ Belfast Telegraph
Spanish diver killed in Costa Concordia salvage operation Olive Press

Costa Concordia Is Bigger Than Titanic – Business Insider

Crews in Italy are busy right now trying to flip the shipwrecked Costa Concordia upright, a year and a half after it ran aground and capsized, ending up perched on two underwater mountain peaks. The salvage process is incredibly expensive and complex, and if it goes awry, there’s no good backup plan. Why so difficult? The Costa Concordia is simply enormous. It’s bigger than the Titanic. To compare the two ill-fated ships, we pulled together stats from old press releases from Fincantierei, which built the cruise liner, as well as sites dedicated to the histories of the famed SS United States and Queen Mary, also worthy of Titanic comparisons.

The Shipwrecked Costa Concordia Is Bigger Than The Titanic

101 years after Titanic sinking: a comparison to Costa Concordia

two weeks shy of the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912. Naturally the date won’t get the attention that the 100 year anniversary did, but it’s worthy of note. Meanwhile, with the passage of this last year more information has come to light regarding another giant maritime disaster, the sinking, or listing over, of the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia. That tragedy saw 32 passengers and crew die while

101 years after Titanic sinking: a comparison to Costa Concordia Digital Journal

Toasting 100th year celebrations

Thorne Gazette
She was born just months before the Titanic set sail and family members joked that, 100 years on, not much has changed with cruise ship Costa Concordia sinking in Italy in January. Doris’ daughter Margaret Smith, 69, said: “We had a fantastic party of friends and family including relatives who had travelled from Australia for the occasion.

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Celestial movements contributed to Titanic disaster

Herald Sun
Extreme high tides could have dislodged extra icebergs Moon came the closest to Earth in over 1400 years Titanic theme song played as Costa Concordia sank PASSENGERS on the Titanic may have been better off checking their stars before boarding the ill-fated ship’s maiden voyage. Scientists at the Texas State University believe movements of the sun and moon may have altered ocean tides, dislodging icebergs and sending the Titanic to its watery grave, along with 1500 passengers.

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