Costa Concordia: Everything is Under Control

Costa Concordia

‘Everything is under control’: Costa Concordia crew member reveals how she was ordered to tell passengers to return to their cabins moments before the ship sank

  • Jacqueline Abad Quine broke down during trial of Francesco Schettino
  • Captain is accused of multiple manslaughter and abandoning ship
  • Italian disaster in January 2012 killed 32 people after the ship hit a reef
  • Schettino was dubbed ‘Captain Coward’ for refusing to get back on board

A Costa Concordia crew member has told a court how she was ordered to tell passengers ‘everything was under control’ after the packed luxury cruise ship struck rocks and was fatally holed. Jacqueline Abad Quine was a deputy cabin services director and was on duty the night the ship hit the reefs after its captain Francesco Schettino altered course to carry out a ‘sail-by salute’ of an island. She was later seen in video footage trying to reassure passengers who had gathered on decks close to lifeboat stations and described to the hearing the scene of panic and confusion in the minutes following the incident.

Mrs Quine said: ‘I was ordered to tell the passengers everything was under control. I was told to say that there was a blackout and everyone should return to their cabins and that things would be returning to normal as quickly as possible.

‘But people were agitated and worried – they wanted to get onto the lifeboats but the order didn’t come. When the passengers got to the muster stations I was told to try and calm them down, to reassure them.’

More than 4,000 passengers and crew were onboard the Costa Concordia when it struck an underwater reef off the coast of the Italian island of Giglio.
Costa Concordia: Everything is Under Control Mail Online

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