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Costa Concordia trial

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  • 32 people were killed when Costa Concordia hit rocks off Tuscany, Jan 2012
  • Captain Francesco Schettino is charged with dereliction of duty and multiple counts of manslaughter
  • Court heard Domnica Cemortan, dancer on the ship’s bridge, was his lover
  • She said she boarded the Costa Concordia as a non-paying passenger
  • If found guilty of the charges Francesco Schettino will face 20 years in jail

The dancer who was on the bridge when the Costa Concordia cruise ship hit a reef killing 32 people, has admitted at the captain’s manslaughter trial that they were lovers. Domnica Cemortan also told the Italian court that she boarded as a non-paying passenger hours before the crash near the island of Giglio, saying: ‘When you are someone’s lover no one asks you for a ticket.’ She dismissed the remark as a joke to her translator.

Moldovan Miss Cemortan said she had worked on the Concordia for three weeks in December 2011. The Moldovan dancer admitted she was Captain Francesco Schettino’s lover and boarded the Costa Concordia without a ticket The Moldovan dancer admitted she was Captain Francesco Schettino’s lover and boarded the Costa Concordia without a ticket She tried to dodge the question of whether she was romantically involved with captain Francesco Schettino, and only responded positively after being told she risked criminal charges for refusing to reply. Earlier the trial heard that the ship hit the reef after Schettino was disappointed at not getting close enough to it on an earlier attempt, his trial has been told.

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