The man charged with fixing cruise giant Carnival

Arnold W. Donald strolls across the Carnival Splendor’s lido deck, checking in on passengers. He cozies up, places a hand on their shoulder and asks: Are you having a blast?

He sure hopes so.

For Donald, the charismatic new CEO of Carnival Corp. (CCL), the “great camaraderie” passengers find onboard his ships matters more than fancy restaurants or countless amenities. That intangible feeling isn’t easily marketed, but is crucial as he tries to fix the world’s largest cruise operator.

It’s been a rough two years for the company. First, its Costa Concordia sank off the coast of Italy, killing 32 passengers. Then an engine-room fire on its Carnival Triumph left the ship without power. For five days, passengers lacked air conditioning, hot food and use of most toilets. Cable news was fixated, dubbing it the “poop cruise.”

The man charged with fixing cruise giant Carnival CBS News

Questions mount in South Korean ferry disaster; hundreds still missing

Jindo, South Korea (CNN) — Anguished relatives of missing South Korean ferry passengers waited somberly for answers Thursday as rescuers fought bad weather, murky water, darkness and time to find a way deep into the capsized ship.

Authorities believe 276 people — many of them high school students on a field trip — may remain trapped inside the five-story ship. At least some, authorities say, could still be alive more than a day after the ship rolled over.

Meanwhile, the ferry’s captain is facing mounting questions about the incident.

Among other things, authorities are investigating the possibility the ship was off course when it ran into trouble, as well as reports that few of its lifeboats made it into the water, according to Kim Soo Hyeon, the chief of South Korea’s Yellow Sea Maritime Police Agency.

Ferry captain Lee Joon Suk, his head and face covered, broke down in tears when reporters asked if he had anything to say.

“I am sorry, I am at a loss for words,” Lee said at a South Korean Coast Guard office.

At least 20 people are known dead, according to the South Korean Ministry of Security and Public Administration. As of Thursday night, at least 179 had been rescued.

Weather hinders rescue

More than 170 ships and 512 divers have swarmed the ferry about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the Jindo, South Korea, harbor where relatives have gathered.

But poor conditions have kept rescuers from reaching parts of the ship where air pockets could be sustaining survivors, authorities said.

Can they survive in air pockets?

Relentless rain, whipping winds and thick fog stymied rescue efforts Thursday. Three of the 22 volunteer divers who joined the search went missing in high tide but were later found, YTN said.

Efforts to pump air into the ship also failed because of the bad weather.

Despite government assurances that rescuers would work around the clock to save lives, some relatives were angry about the pace of the rescue operation.

“If the government cares for the people, our family, our children, please rescue our families and our children,” said Chang Min, whose second-grade son is among the missing.

‘Don’t move’

The ferry, which is designed to carry cargo and vehicles as well as passengers, was on a routine passage between Incheon and the resort island of Jeju when something went awry shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday.
On board were more than 300 Seoul high school students and teachers on a four-day trip to the island.

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Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino boards grounded off Italy coast for 1st time since disaster

Captain Francesco Schettino stepped aboard the Costa Concordia Thursday for the first time since it capsized off Italy’s coast with him at the controls more than two years ago.

When the vast cruise ship ground into the rocky shore of the Italian island of Giglio on Jan. 13, 2012, 32 people lost their lives. The Costa Concordia has been hoisted upright and secured by salvage workers and is now sitting solidly on two underwater outcrops of rock off the coastline.

Schettino arrived on Giglio aboard a ferry from Italy’s mainland Tuesday night, after the Tuscan court agreed to let him go back onto the ship. The court in Grosseto, where Schettino is facing charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck, authorized an inspection on the Costa Concordia to be carried out by a group of experts and attended by the former captain.

Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino boards grounded off Italy coast for 1st time since disaster CBS News

Costa Concordia passengers allegedly ordered back to cabins

Crying repeatedly, the assistant to the cruise director on the doomed Costa Concordia liner testified Monday she was ordered to tell panicking passengers to go back to their cabins.

Jacqueline Elisabeth Abad Quine, a Peruvian, recounted events right after the ship hit rocks off the Tuscan island of Giglio on January 13th, 2012. Thirty-two passengers of the more than 4,000 on board the Costa Concordia were killed. Quine said she was ordered to tell passengers there had been a blackout and that everything was under control, but the passengers told her they were nervous and wanted to board the lifeboats.

“Passengers screamed and pushed because they wanted to leave the ship but we did not have orders to allow them to get into the lifeboats”, she said.

Costa Concordia passengers allegedly ordered back to cabins post-crash CBS NEWS

Costa Concordia Set Upright

Salvage workers on Tuesday succeeded in the delicate operation of pulling the Costa Concordia cruise ship upright near a small Italian island off Tuscany, completing one of the biggest and costliest operations of its kind in about 19 hours. More than a year after the ship ran aground and after months of preparations, workers used a series of cables and pulleys to haul the 114,000-ton ship off its side and place it upright on an underwater platform built on the side of a reef near Giglio Island, in a process known as parbuckling. Before dawn, the head of Italy’s Civil Protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, confirmed that the ship had been pulled upright, with no environmental spills or damage to the coastline. More than 500 engineers, divers, welders and other salvage workers have been involved in the effort. Salvage company Titan Salvage won the tender to manage the project.

Costa Concordia Set Upright

Costa Concordia still an eyesore even right side up CBS News

Costa Concordia pulled completely upright off Italy

The crippled Costa Concordia cruise ship was pulled completely upright early Tuesday after a complicated, 19-hour operation to wrench it from its side where it capsized last year off Tuscany, with officials declaring it a “perfect” end to a daring and unprecedented engineering feat.

“We completed the parbuckling operation a few minutes ago the way we thought it would happen and the way we hoped it would happen,” said Franco Porcellacchia, project manager for the Concordia’s owner, Costa Crociere SpA.

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Costa Concordia cruise ship to be raised next week

The wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship could be upright again next week, nearly two years after the liner capsized and killed at least 30 people off the Italian coast.

The giant vessel, which has lain partly submerged in shallow waters off the Tuscan island of Giglio since the accident in January 2012, will be rolled off the seabed and onto underwater platforms.

Workers will look for the bodies of two people, an Italian and an Indian unaccounted for since the disaster, as machines haul the 114,000-tonne ship upright and underwater cameras comb the seabed.

The exact day of the Concordia’s rotation – known as parbuckling – has yet to be set, but on Wednesday Civil Protection Commissioner Franco Gabrielli said Monday was likely. Read More

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Grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship is ready to roll, literally

The biggest engineering feat ever to be attempted on a ship of its size is a few weeks away. After months of planning, design, fabrication and installation, the 114,000-ton Costa Concordia cruise ship, which ran aground off the island of Giglio on January 13, 2012, is practically ready for parbuckling or rotation to an upright position. Months of work for close to 500 salvage operators have suffered some delays caused by weather conditions and by complications in efforts to drill and level the uneven granite seabed.

Grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship is ready to roll, literally CBS News

Costa Concordia victims mark 1-year anniversary

CBS News
GIGLIO, Italy Survivors of the Costa Concordia shipwreck and relatives of the 32 people who died marked the first anniversary of the grounding Sunday with the unveiling of memorials to the victims, a tearful Mass in their honor and a minute of silence to recall the exact moment that the cruise ship rammed into a reef off Tuscany.
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Concordia: A year after on Jan 13

A year after the ship ran aground — leaving 30 dead — questions remain about its captain, the risk to marine life and when the Costa Concordia will be removed. Costa Concordia. Workers pass on a small boat near the Costa Concordia on Thursday. Salvage operations to raise the Costa Concordia began in May. Approximately 400 workers are on site day and night. Special care is being taken to protect the environment. A look at the plan:
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