Costa Concordia: Salvaging a shipwreck

Eleven months after wrecking at sea, the Italian luxury liner awaits one of the most expensive and daunting salvage operations eve. Ever since the wreck of the Costa Concordia 11 months ago, the huge Italian luxury liner has been sitting, semi-submerged, off the coast of Tuscany, looking like a big, beached whale. It’s the largest passenger ship ever capsized, easily surpassing the Titanic. And removing the ship has turned out to be the most complicated, the most expensive, the most daunting and the riskiest salvage operation ever.

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Costa Concordia black box contents to be revealed in hearing

CBS News
(CBS News) A preliminary hearing began Monday in the case of the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that capsized off the Italian coast last January, killing 32 people. The proceedings are based on evidence from the ship’s black box recordings. Documents before the court run to 270 pages, including navigational details and conversations on the bridge of the Costa Concordia.

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Experts fault captain, crew, Costa for Italy wreck

CBS News
The Costa Concordia ran aground and capsized Jan. 13 off the Tuscan island of Giglio after Capt. Francesco Schettino took it off course in a stunt. He is accused of causing the shipwreck, manslaughter and abandoning the ship before before all passengers were evacuated.Eight other people are also under investigation, and the court in Grosseto ordered the expert investigation to help it determine which if any should be put on trial. A hearing is scheduled for next month.
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Concordia captain: ‘I am clear with my conscience’
The Italian captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship that capsized six months ago, killing 32 people, told TODAY he is sorry for the accident but feels not all of the blame should fall on him. In his first American television interview since the disaster occurred on Jan. 13, Francesco Schettino told NBC’s Michelle Kosinski that the disaster was a chain of unfortunate errors and possible mechanical failure. Schettino has been charged with multiple manslaughter, causing the accident and abandoning ship.
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Costa Concordia survivors describe ‘Goliath’ fight against cruise industry (blog)
Shortly after the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Italy, leaving at least 32 people dead, Costa Cruises began offering settlements to the survivors of the accident. Nancy and Mario Lofaro of New Rochelle, N.Y., said they were offered $14,500 by the cruise line following the Jan. 13 incident.

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Concordia captain was distracted by phone call

Francesco Schettino said he was distracted by a phone conversation shortly before the cruise liner crashed into a reef off an Italian island and capsized, killing 32 people.Francesco Schettino described the collision to private Italian TV channel Canale 5 as a “banal accident” in which “destiny” played a role.

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Refloat of Italy’s Concordia wreck to be biggest ever

By Catherine Hornby | ROME (Reuters) – Salvage crews will employ huge cranes and air tanks to refloat the half-submerged Costa Concordia cruise liner in the largest ever operation of its kind, according to a plan unveiled on Friday.

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COSTA CONCORDIA: Bodies of Albertville Man’s Parents Identified The Heil family has entered a final post on its family blog site, stating it “move forward” now that Gerald and Barbara’s bodies have been identified among those recovered last March among the wreck of the Costa Concordia.
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Five bodies retrieved from Costa Concordia

Monsters and
Rome – Scuba divers on Monday brought to shore all five of the bodies discovered last week in the wreck of the  Costa Concordia, rescue officials in Italy said. The five bodies – which have yet to be identified – were found on Thursday. The discovery brought to 30 the number of people who died from the January 13 accident involving the Italian cruise ship.

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Costa Concordia Disaster: Bell Disappears From Shipwreck Site

Huffington Post
ROME, March 15 – Underwater thieves have evaded an array of laser systems that measure millimetric shifts in the Costa Concordia shipwreck and 24-hour surveillance by the Italian coast guard and police to haul off a symbolic booty – the ship’s bell. Prosecutors have opened an investigation to find out who filched the modern-day Titanic’s bell.

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