Costa Concordia / Serenade of the Seas

The massive Costa Concordia still rests on its side on the rocky sea floor off the coast of Giglio — and will for many more months. We will be sailing the Med on October 03, 2012 and would like to know if any past sailers on Serenade of the Seas have cruised by the Costa Concordia. 

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Costa Concordia captain opens up to NBC News
NEW YORK – Captain Francesco Schettino, the man at the helm just before the fatal Costa Concordiaaccident, sat down and spoke for himself for an hour-and-a-half exclusively to NBC News. He is accused of manslaughter, causing the wreck by coming too close to an island and then abandoning ship. He accepts some, but not all, responsibility for this enormous disaster which sent more than 4,000 people scrambling to get off the ship and killing 32 people, describing it to NBC’s Michelle Kosinki as “a really bad day in his life.”
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Costa Concordia had faulty design, lawsuit alleges

Another lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of the Costa Concordia tragedy, this time against Carnival Corp. & PLC, owner of the ill-fated cruise ship that capsized this year, killing 32. The latest suit alleges that design faults on the Concordia hampered its evacuation, making it slow and problematic, according to a CBS report. The suit, filed in a California court by Mississippi lawyer John Arthur Eaves, is seeking a minimum of $10 million for two unidentified plaintiffs, plus punitive damages.

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Costa Concordia: New Ship And New Rules

Sky News
The Costa Concordia’s owner has brought in new safety measures for its ships, including real-time tracking of routes and limits on its captains’ absolute authority – as its biggest liner was launched. The measures are aimed at ensuring there is no repeat of the tragedy in which 32 people died. Emergency safety training will now be given to passengers before the ships leave port – and a monitoring system will identify anyone who have not attended and encourage them to do so. The new Costa Fascinosa

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