Costa Concordia will be dismantled in Genoa; Piombino bid fails

The Costa Concordia will be scrapped at the port of Genoa, Italian officials controlling the clean-up of the tragic cruise ship have announced. That leaves Piombino, near the island of Giglio where the ship hit a reef and listed over, losing out.
There were other ports, notably in China and Turkey, that bid for the contract but the port at Genoa is one of Europe’s most modern; another factor in the decision may have been that Genoa is where Costa Cruises, owner of the ship, has its headquarters located. The port of Piombino in Tuscany, only 40 miles from Giglio, was rushing to modernize in an effort to get the contract, but to no avail.

Costa Concordia will be dismantled in Genoa; Piombino bid fails Digital Journal

Costa Concordia News: Couple to sue owners for 2 million Euros

A British couple celebrating their anniversary onboard the Costa Concordia on January 13, 2012 say they will launch a lawsuit against the owners. John and Mandy Rodford want the company to “suffer” like they say that they’ve suffered.
The two were rescued from the cruise ship that night, taken off by lifeboat, Mandy Rodford told a court in Grosseto, Italy Monday, but not before they were traumatized by the events that unfolded around them.

She said the owners of the ship, the British-American owned Costa Crociere (trading as Costa Cruises) should pay for their trauma. “Costa Crociere has to suffer as we have suffered and continue to suffer,” she said. “We nearly lost our lives.”

Costa Concordia News: Couple to sue owners for 2 million Euros Digital Journal

Costa Concordia Chaos: Survivors testify at Schettino trial

The trial of the Costa Concordia’s captain continues in Italy and last week it was time for survivors to tell of their experience that tragic night. They spoke of chaos and a legacy that includes panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder.
“Even now I have panic attacks,” passenger Ivana Codoni testified. “They never happened to me before the accident.” A hairdresser from Rome told the court that the moment of impact when the ship hit a reef was frightening. “We went from a mood of happiness and wonder at being on a cruise to panic,” she said.

Costa Concordia Chaos: Survivors testify at Schettino trial Digital Journal

Titanic, Costa Concordia captains had hubris, not ferry captain

The terrible tragedy that is the sinking of the South Korean ferry ‘Sewol’ is being compared to the Costa Concordia tragedy and even the Titanic. But a large difference is that the captain of the South Korean ferry made errors, but not errors of hubris.
That, however, is the case of both the captain of the Costa Concordia and of the Titanic. But while South Korean President Park Geun-hye has called the actions of the captain of the Sewol “unforgivable, murderous behaviour” it was more stupidity than murderous, and certainly not arrogance.

Titanic, Costa Concordia captains had hubris, not ferry captain Digital Journal

Tuscany to help family of diver Israel Franco Moreno killed on Concordia job

The Tuscany regional government said Tuesday that it is offering financial assistance to the family of a diver who was killed while working on the wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner. Israel Franco Moreno, 42, of Spain died Saturday while assisting with the salvage operation of the Costa Concordia, which killed 32 people when it crashed on rocks and sank in January 2012 off the Tuscan coast near Grossetto. Hundreds were injured in the shipwreck and since the disaster, efforts have been made to refloat the stricken liner so it can be towed away for salvage after it was set upright in September. An investigation is continuing but it is believed that Moreno, while trying to attack floatation tanks to the Concordia wreck, cut his leg and bled to death, despite efforts by his diving partner to get him to the surface and waiting paramedics.

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First Officer: Costa Concordia captain distracted by lover

The captain of tragic Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, was “distracted” on the bridge leading up to the tragedy that killed 32, the ship’s First Officer Ciro Ambrosio said. Ambrosio is testifying at the trial of Francesco Schettino this week.

He said Schettino had returned to the bridge after having his dinner and was accompanied by the woman Moldovan dancer Domnica Cemortan, who, earlier in the trial admitted she was the captain’s lover. He had taken command of the ship, Ambrosio said at the trial in Grosseto, Italy.

“But he did not immediately speak the phrase ‘I’m taking control,’ which signals a change in command,” Ambrosio told the court. “However, given the way he positioned himself, I assumed he had taken command and I thought I was no longer in charge. Then, since the captain was distracted, and we were getting closer to Giglio, I gave orders to the helmsman.

First Officer: Costa Concordia captain distracted by lover Digital Journal

Captain Francesco Schettino jumped off sinking Costa Concordia

A British diver has been arrested after being caught red-handed hunting for souvenirs on the Costa Concordia shipwreck.

The 42-year-old man was one of four caught, with the others being an Irish man and two South Africans.

All four men were staff who worked for the salvage group Titan, which had been employed to raise the Concordia from the seabed in Giglio.

The men were spotted by CCTV cameras in the early hours of Saturday morning, and a boat was sent to investigate.

They were found with an empty rucksack bearing the cruise ship’s company logo, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Captain Francesco Schettino jumped off sinking Costa Concordia Travel AOL
Four divers arrested as they hunted souvenirs on Costa Concordia Digital Journal
Divers Arrested for Souvenir Hunting at Concordia Site Cruise Critic
Arrests over Costa Condordia wreck ‘souvenir hunting’

Moldovan dancer says she fell for Costa Concordia captain

  • Domnica Cemortan told Italian TV Francesco Schettino ‘fascinated’ her
  • 32 people were killed when Costa Concordia hit rocks off Tuscany, Jan 2012
  • Captain Francesco Schettino is charged with dereliction of duty and multiple counts of manslaughter
  • Court heard Cemortan, dancer on the ship’s bridge, was his lover
  • If found guilty of the charges Francesco Schettino will face 20 years in jail

The Moldovan dancer who captivated the captain of the Costa Concordia has told how she fell for him because he was ‘a god on the ship’.

Domnica Cemortan, who was seen flirting with Francesco Schettino shortly before the cruise liner crashed into rocks and sank off the coast of Tuscany, has revealed that she was ‘fascinated’ by him, because he was the captain.

Thirty-two people died in the January 2012 tragedy off the island of Giglio.

Moldovan dancer says she fell for Costa Concordia captain The Daily Mail

Moldovan dancer denies distracting Costa captain,’It’s very easy for Italians to think that the blond, the Moldovan dancer, distracted the captain. But I didn’t’, said Domnica Cemortan. The Province
Dancer admits at trial she was Costa Concordia’s captain’s lover Digital Journal

Costa Concordia to be removed by massive Dutch transport ship

A Dutch salvage firm, Royal Boskalis NV said on Thursday they’ve won a $30 million contract to remove the Costa Concordia. The Italian cruise ship partially sunk 300 metres off of the shore of Giglio Island in the Tuscan Bay on Jan. 13, 2012.

Royal Boskalis NV plans to remove the Costa Concordia next summer by use of their giant ship, the Dockwise Vanguard, normally used for transporting oil platforms. The 114,000 ton Costa Concordia partially sunk when a hole was torn into its hull after it hit a reef.

Dockwise Vanguard to remove Costa Concordia
The largest semi-submersible ship in the world, the Dockwise Vanguard has a flat deck that is 275 metres by 70 metres and is designed to carry extremely heavy and large loads. It fills ballast tanks with water and operates while sitting below water level.
“When the ballast tanks are flooded, the ship deck submerges below the surface, allowing her to handle deep draught cargoes,” a Royal Boskalis press release reads. “Once the Dockwise Vanguard is semi-submersed, the floating Concordia will be brought in position above the deck and as the ballast tanks are emptied, the entire ship, including the Costa Concordia, is brought above the water line, allowing her to transport the cargo in a safe and swift manner.”

Costa Concordia to be removed by massive Dutch transport ship Digital Journal
Shipwrecked Concordia wrested off Italian reefKimt

Concordia captain blames crew member

The captain of the Costa Concordia has blamed an Indonesian helmsman for the incident which led to the ship hitting rocks off the coast of Giglio in January last year. Captain Schettino, who is on trial for manslaughter, causing shipwreck and abandoning ship, says he has been used as a scapegoat for the errors of others. According to the BBC, Schettino has claimed a helmsman failed to obey his orders to slow down, which led to the death of 32 people. The helmsman has been convicted of manslaughter in a separate trial.

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