Costa Concordia, once refloated, to be scrapped at Piombino port

The Costa Concordia disaster was 14 months ago and finally there is a complete plan to remove the ship. While it’s been known for months they were refloating and towing it for dismantling, only now have Italian officials decided the port it will go to. The government in Italy announced last week that the ship, which lies 300 metres off the island of Giglio in the Tuscan Bay, once refloated will be towed to the nearest port, the port of Piombino in Tuscany. Some opponents are arguing that could lengthen the removal operation as there is upgrading work to be done in that port; however…

Costa Concordia, once refloated, to be scrapped at Piombino port Digital Journal

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Video tour of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia shows the upturned …

Cruise liner remains marooned off the coast of Tuscany nearly a year after it sank in January 2012,New footage shows ongoing salvage operation of the 114,500 ton ship. Never before seen underwater footage of the Costa Concordia salvage operation has emerged as the year anniversary of the ship’s sinking approaches.
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Costa Concordia’s company rebounding by building giant liner
Costa Cruises, the owner/operator of the Costa Concordia, which went down nearly a year ago with the loss of 32 passengers and crew, is building a replacement. The construction of the 132,500 ton Costa Diadema began in Italy Monday. The ship is being constructed in the Fincantieri shipyard and will carry 4,947 passengers.

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Costa Concordia captain hypes upcoming book, paints himself hero
In a talk with an Italian newspaper, Francesco Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia, said a book he’s writing on the sinking of the cruise liner will reveals him to be a hero, not a coward. Schettino’s claim flies in the face of evidence. “Soon I will reveal the shocking truth,” Schettino told the newspaper. “And then all those people who denigrated me will have to apologize, not to me but to the families of the victims and to the public, which was conned with false information.”

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CATCo commutes Costa Concordia reinsurance losses (blog)
CATCo Investment Management, the specialist Bermuda based reinsurance-linked investment business that manages around $2 billion of retrocessional reinsurance portfolios for its clients, has commuted a portion of its losses from the Costa Concordia marine disaster according to a stock exchange announcement. Commuting the losses early allows them to be accounted for now and reduces the chance for loss creep affecting the CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund investors.
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Costa Concordia black box contents to be revealed in hearing

CBS News
(CBS News) A preliminary hearing began Monday in the case of the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that capsized off the Italian coast last January, killing 32 people. The proceedings are based on evidence from the ship’s black box recordings. Documents before the court run to 270 pages, including navigational details and conversations on the bridge of the Costa Concordia.

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Cruise industry rebounding from ship accident, woes in Europe

Los Angeles Times
Industry leaders and analysts say the $37-billion industry is slowly rebounding from the crash of the Costa Concordia on rocks near the Tuscan island of Giglio in January and Europe’s economic woes. With the peak cruise booking period set to begin in January, industry executives say cruise trip reservations seem to be on the rise. A survey of 300 travel agents in North America in July found that 64% expected bookings in 2012 to surpass last year’s numbers.

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The wild utterances of Costa Concordia captain on tragic night
Black box recordings from the ill-fated liner the Costa Concordia were published today by the Italian newspaper La Stampa. The transcripts show a confused bridge lead by a captain who one moment lamented his actions, the next praised his heroism. “Madonna, what have i done (Maro’ ch’aggio cumbinato)?” Capt. Francesco Schettino cries moments after his ship hit a reef at 9:45 on the evening of Jan. 13. The ship was to list over and partially sink, with the loss of 32 lives. The tapes show that he waited, despite pleas from his crew, over an hour before giving the order to abandon ship
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Costa Concordia sister ship Allegra to be sold, likely for scrap

The ocean liner Allegra, from the same fleet as the ill-fated Costa Concordia, is on the seller’s block with a likelihood it will be sold for scrap. The ship is much smaller than the Concordia at 28,500 tonnes and carries 820 passengers.
The Allegra is the oldest in the Costa Cruise line fleet and in late February the ship had a fire in the engine room in the Indian Ocean that left it adrift for three days without lights, running toilets or air-conditioning.

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