Italy government sides with Costa

The Italian government has sided with cruise ship owner Costa Crociere and selected its home base of Genoa as the port where the crippled Costa Concordia ship will be dismantled for scrap.

The Tuscan port of Piombino had hoped to win the contract, given the jobs that would be created. But Costa, the consortium handling the project and several ministries said Genoa’s port was better suited. Premier Matteo Renzi said Monday the government agreed.

The Canadian Press June 30, 2014 3:49pm Italy government sides with Costa, picks its home port Genoa to dismantle crippled ConcordiaGlobal Post

Tragedies at sea: The Sewol and the Costa Concordia

The causes may be very different and the toll far heavier but Italian media have pointed to similarities between the ferry disaster of the Sewol in South Korea and the Costa Concordia cruise ship crash in 2012.

“A case of Schettino in Korea” has been the recurring headline in Italian newspapers in the past few days — a reference to the Italian liner’s captain now on trial for an accident in which 32 people lost their lives.

With South Korean rescuers reporting 270 people missing and 32 confirmed dead, Italian media have focussed on the role played by the ferry’s captain Lee Joon-Seok, who was arrested on Saturday along with two of his crew.Tragedies at sea: The Sewol and the Costa Concordia Publication

Costa Concordia captain ‘plotted fatal sail past for days’

The captain of the doomed Costa Concordia cruise ship had been plotting his fatal “sail past” of the island of Giglio for days, a court has heard.

The Italian court was also told that after steering the 114,000 tonne vessel into the island’s rocky coast, Francesco Schettino failed to give clear instructions to officials after they discovered sea water flooding the engines through a tear in the hull.

Schettino is on trial facing charges of manslaughter, shipwreck and abandoning ship for his role in the capsizing of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 during which 32 passengers and crew drowned. He was in court in Grosseto on Monday to hear statements from engine room officer Giovanni Iaccarino.

“Schettino wanted to sail very close to Giglio the week before,” he said.

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Costa Concordia cruise ship to be raised next week

The wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship could be upright again next week, nearly two years after the liner capsized and killed at least 30 people off the Italian coast.

The giant vessel, which has lain partly submerged in shallow waters off the Tuscan island of Giglio since the accident in January 2012, will be rolled off the seabed and onto underwater platforms.

Workers will look for the bodies of two people, an Italian and an Indian unaccounted for since the disaster, as machines haul the 114,000-tonne ship upright and underwater cameras comb the seabed.

The exact day of the Concordia’s rotation – known as parbuckling – has yet to be set, but on Wednesday Civil Protection Commissioner Franco Gabrielli said Monday was likely. Read More

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Costa Concordia company to pay $1.3 million fine for shipwreck
The disaster that was the Costa Concordia, which sank on Jan. 13, 2012 with the death of 32, continues to make news. Today, the Costa Crociere, a division of Miami-based Costa Carnival, owners of the ship, reached an out-of-court settlement.Costa Crociere will pay a $1.3 million fine and thus evade going to court over the tragedy. Had their been a court case it would have been lengthy and costly and may have opened them up to further lawsuits, that though the company maintains fault for the disaster lies only with the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino.

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Costa Concordia captain guided by ‘divine hand’
Francesco Schettino, the captain of the Costa Concordia ship which ran aground killing more than 30 people, claims a “divine hand” guided him during the disaster, preventing greater tragedy, reported Travel Mole, a British industry newsletter. In a letter explaining his version of events, published in Italy’s La Corriere della Sera newspaper, he defended his actions after the ship struck rocks and capsized off the coast of Tuscany in January.

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Capsized Costa Concordia to be salvaged in one piece

Daily News & Analysis
Costa Concordia, the luxury cruise ship that ran aground off the Italian coast in January 2012, will be salvaged in one piece, according to a report. The US-owned company Titan Salvage has won the bid to remove the ship, which struck the island of Giglio on January 13, after its captain allegedly steered the liner carrying 4200 people close to shore in an apparent stunt.

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