Costa Concordia: A hulking reminder

Nineteen months after the Costa Concordia ran aground, locals and tourists work and play in the shadow of the wreck. Salvage crews, meanwhile, toil furiously.This summer, tourists on the Tuscan island of Giglio have been heading for the pretty palm-lined beach at the port, soaking up the sun and swimming out to a line of buoys. Beyond is the capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia, sitting in shallow water where passengers were sucked to their deaths by whirlpools created as the giant vessel lurched onto its side. Nineteen months after the 950-foot-long ship slammed into rocks off this Mediterranean island and came to a precarious rest on two granite outcrops, the captain, Francesco Schettino, is on trial on charges of manslaughter in the deaths of 32 people who never made it ashore on the night of Jan. 13, 2012.

Costa Concordia: A hulking reminder of tragedy sits off Giglio, Italy Los Angeles Times
Italy: 5 convicted for Costa Concordia shipwreck Rome News Tribune

One Year After Costa Concordia

Popular Mechanics
The wreck of the Costa Concordia still lists in the waters off Giglio, more than a year after the crash. Commercial pilots flying overhead are known to point it out to passengers. It’s been photographed from space. Recently the doomed vessel demanded a second rescue after a group of thrill-seeking tourists got too close to the wreck and their dinghy nearly overturned in the frigid waters.

One Year After Costa Concordia, Has Anything Changed? Popular Mechanics
Questions linger one year after the Costa Concordia disaster Los Angeles Times

Cruise industry rebounding from ship accident, woes in Europe

Los Angeles Times
Industry leaders and analysts say the $37-billion industry is slowly rebounding from the crash of the Costa Concordia on rocks near the Tuscan island of Giglio in January and Europe’s economic woes. With the peak cruise booking period set to begin in January, industry executives say cruise trip reservations seem to be on the rise. A survey of 300 travel agents in North America in July found that 64% expected bookings in 2012 to surpass last year’s numbers.

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