Since the Concordia shipwreck, safety advances

After a bruising couple of years for the global cruise business, ship operators have emerged with a sharper focus on safety and reliability — and on setting travelers’ minds at ease.

Two years after the fatal grounding of the Costa Concordia in Italy, the industry has adopted new rules on emergency drills, ship operations and life jackets, and has introduced a “passenger bill of rights.” And Costa owner Carnival Corp., has announced massive investments in ship upgrades following the disabling fire aboard the Carnival Triumph a year ago.

“I first started cruising in 1965 and certainly I’ve not seen this level of attention and focus on safety,” said Douglas Ward, author of 2014 Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships. “I think all the cruise lines are definitely going in the right direction.”

Some critics say the changes are more talk than action, but cruise companies and longtime observers say the prolonged attention has led to a safer product and a greater willingness to shine a light on sensitive subjects. Everyone agrees, however, that there is more work to be done…

Since the Concordia shipwreck, safety advances Miami Herald
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Human remains found on Concordia wreck

The remains “could be ascribable to the persons we are looking for,” the head of Italy’s Civil Protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, told the SkyTG24 news channel.

“Only DNA testing will be able to confirm it,” he added.

Indicating that the analyses would be carried out “in the coming hours,” Gabrielli urged caution.
“Nothing is definite, let us wait for the exams,” he said.

Thirty-two of the 4229 people on board the vessel died after it ran aground off the island of Giglio on January 13, 2012.

Human remains found on Concordia wreck News.Com.AU

Costa Concordia captain ordered to face trial

A judge in Italy has ordered the captain of the Costa Concordia to stand trial in the shipwreck of the cruise liner, which struck a reef off Tuscany last year, killing 32 people.Francesco Schettino will be the only defendant in the trial, which begins on July 9 in the Tuscan town of Grosseto. The indictment was announced on Wednesday. Read More

Costa Concordia captain ordered to face trial USA Today

A Quadcopter’s-Eye View Of The Costa Concordia Shipwreck

Judge in Italy orders trial for captain over shipwreck of Costa Concordia

July trial for Costa Concordia captain

Italian court to decide on possible charges over 2012 Costa Concordia wreck

CTV NewsGROSSETO, Italy — An Italian court opened a hearing Monday into whether to hand down indictments against the captain and some crew of the Costa Concordia cruise ship for the 2012 grounding off Tuscany that killed 32 people. Prosecutors want Capt. Francesco Schettino to stand trial for alleged manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning the ship before all the 4,200 passengers and crew had been evacuated. They want four other crew members and a Costa manager on land to face charges of having botched the emergency.

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Costa Concordia company to pay $1.3 million fine for shipwreck
The disaster that was the Costa Concordia, which sank on Jan. 13, 2012 with the death of 32, continues to make news. Today, the Costa Crociere, a division of Miami-based Costa Carnival, owners of the ship, reached an out-of-court settlement.Costa Crociere will pay a $1.3 million fine and thus evade going to court over the tragedy. Had their been a court case it would have been lengthy and costly and may have opened them up to further lawsuits, that though the company maintains fault for the disaster lies only with the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino.

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Costa Concordia operator fined

Crippled cruise ship secured to Ala. terminal after breaking loose; shipyard

MOBILE, Ala. – The crippled cruise ship whose sewage-filled breakdown in the Gulf of Mexico subjected thousands to horrendous conditions tore loose Wednesday from the dock where it’s being repaired, lumbered downriver and crunched into a cargo ship. Tug boats maneuver around the Carnival cruise ship Triumph as she rests against a dock on the east side of the Mobile River after becoming dislodged from its mooring at BAE Shipyard during high winds Wednesday.Wind gusts near hurricane strength shoved the 900-foot Carnival Triumph free from its mooring in downtown Mobile, Ala., where the ship was brought in a five-day ordeal that began when an engine fire stranded it off of Mexico in February. Hours later, four tug boats used several mooring lines to secure the ship to the cruise terminal.A 20-foot gash about 2 to 3 feet wide was visible about halfway up the hull from the water and it wrapped partway around the stern. Underneath the gashed area, two levels of railing were dangling and broken. Electric cables that had been plugged in on shore were dangling from the port — or left — side of the ship. Carnival said damage, though, was limited.

Crippled cruise ship secured to Ala. terminal after breaking loose; shipyard worker missing Star tribune
Crippled cruise ship secured to Ala. terminal after breaking loose Washington Post
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Concordia: A year after on Jan 13

A year after the ship ran aground — leaving 30 dead — questions remain about its captain, the risk to marine life and when the Costa Concordia will be removed. Costa Concordia. Workers pass on a small boat near the Costa Concordia on Thursday. Salvage operations to raise the Costa Concordia began in May. Approximately 400 workers are on site day and night. Special care is being taken to protect the environment. A look at the plan:
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Embedded rock from Costa Concordia to be used in memorial
Salvage effort underway for cruise ship – CBS News CBS News

Captain of shipwrecked Costa Concordia says he was ‘distracted’

Fox News
The captain of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, which ran aground killing 32 people, said he was distracted shortly before the collision. In a TV interview with Italy’s Canale 5, Francesco Schettino described the accident and said he was distracted by a phone conversation just before the ship crashed into a reef off an Italian island and capsized.

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