Chickens of the Sea

If there is something oddly familiar about the news that the erstwhile captain of the ill-fated South Korean ferry—which capsized and sank just a few hundred meters from dry land—botched the evacuation order and jumped ship before his passengers were safe, it’s because we’ve heard about this sort of maritime cowardice before. It happened in 2012, when Italian captain Francesco Schettino rammed his Costa Concordia luxury cruiseliner into the rocks off Giglio island. He, too, was among the first off the ship well in advance of the bulk of the passengers.

The two accidents are, of course, as different as night and day. The South Korean ferry captain, Lee Joon-Seok, was not on the bridge when his ferry took a tight turn, possibly capsizing because it had been loaded over capacity with heavy cargo.

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Shipwreck off Italy must be removed soon

An Italian official is pressing for the speedy removal of the shipwrecked cruise liner, the Costa Concordia, warning that the hulk may break up in winter storms.

Franco Gabrielli, head of the removal efforts, told residents of the tiny Mediterranean island of Giglio on Monday that the ship must be towed by September at the latest. Gabrielli says another winter’s worth of storms may damage the ship to such an extent that towing won’t be possible.

He pressed various national, regional and local authorities to move forward on plans.

Shipwreck off Italy must be removed soon

Costa Concordia trial

  • 32 people were killed when Costa Concordia hit rocks off Tuscany, Jan 2012
  • Captain Francesco Schettino is charged with dereliction of duty and multiple counts of manslaughter
  • Court heard Domnica Cemortan, dancer on the ship’s bridge, was his lover
  • She said she boarded the Costa Concordia as a non-paying passenger
  • If found guilty of the charges Francesco Schettino will face 20 years in jail

The dancer who was on the bridge when the Costa Concordia cruise ship hit a reef killing 32 people, has admitted at the captain’s manslaughter trial that they were lovers. Domnica Cemortan also told the Italian court that she boarded as a non-paying passenger hours before the crash near the island of Giglio, saying: ‘When you are someone’s lover no one asks you for a ticket.’ She dismissed the remark as a joke to her translator.

Moldovan Miss Cemortan said she had worked on the Concordia for three weeks in December 2011. The Moldovan dancer admitted she was Captain Francesco Schettino’s lover and boarded the Costa Concordia without a ticket The Moldovan dancer admitted she was Captain Francesco Schettino’s lover and boarded the Costa Concordia without a ticket She tried to dodge the question of whether she was romantically involved with captain Francesco Schettino, and only responded positively after being told she risked criminal charges for refusing to reply. Earlier the trial heard that the ship hit the reef after Schettino was disappointed at not getting close enough to it on an earlier attempt, his trial has been told.

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‘What have I done?’ Costa Concordia captain’s horror when cruise liner hit rocks

Capt Francesco Schettino exclaimed “Madonna, what have I done?” when the Costa Concordia smashed into rocks off the Italian island off Giglio, a court heard today.

“Did we hit a reef?” the commander of the 950ft-long cruise liner asked his fellow officers, according to an audio recording played in court in Grosseto, Tuscany, where he is on trial for abandoning ship, causing a shipwreck and multiple counts of manslaughter.

The Concordia, which in weight is more than twice the size of the Titanic, rammed into a rocky shoal just a few yards from the coast of Giglio on the night of Jan 13, 2012. In the ensuing evacuation, 32 people lost their lives, including a five-year-old girl.
The trial, which is being held in a municipal theatre to accommodate the large number of witnesses, technical experts and survivors expected to attend, heard evidence from Salvatore Ursino, one of the ship’s junior officers.

‘What have I done?’ Costa Concordia captain’s horror when cruise liner hit rocks

Salvage chief warns Costa Concordia could fracture

The man in charge of salvaging the wreck of the Costa Concordia which crashed off the coast of Tuscany last year has warned the massive luxury cruise ship could fracture when it is rotated in early September. Nick Sloane, the 52-year-old engineer who heads the world’s most biggest-ever marine salvage operation, is awaiting final approval from Italian authorities to rotate the ship in the first week of September.”When we raise it you will hear the noise from the wrenching and of the fracture of internal sections but we hope that the external structure remains intact,” Mr Sloane said. A team of 450 technicians, including 70 Britons, have been working around the clock for more than a year to stabilise and salvage the ship that crashed into rocks off the coast of Giglio on January 13 2012.

Salvage chief warns Costa Concordia could fracture

Safety Board investigating fishing trawler’s crash into docked navy ship

The Transportation Safety Board is conducting interviews today after a Seattle factory fishing trawler being towed into Esquimalt Harbour Tuesday broke away and crashed into a docked warship. The Transportation Safety Board has deployed a team of investigators to Esquimalt to gather information and assess the incident, the safety board said in a media release.The American Dynasty is now in the graving dock. It was being maneuvered in Esquimalt Harbour, with the assistance of two Seaspan tugboats, to be brought to the commercial graving dock for regular maintenance and repairs when the crash occurred.

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What to do if your cruise ship becomes disabled

What to do if your cruise ship becomes disabled
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This is the third Carnival ship in less than two months to experience difficulties at sea. In February, the Carnival Triumph was crippled by an onboard fire in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving passengers stranded for days while the ship was towed back to land.

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